“Jingle Jingle Bells” – special bells from Van Lang University Art Club

(VLU, 29/12/2020) - On the evening of December 25, 2020, the Christmas concert JINGLE JINGLE BELLS organized by the Art Club in collaboration with the Youth Union of Van Lang University took place in a vibrant atmosphere at the lobby of Campus 3 - Van Lang University.

Welcoming a Christmas season to come and closing a tumultuous year 2020, the Art Club in collaboration with Van Lang University's Youth Union organized a Christmas night concert with the name "JINGLE JINGLE BELLS", meaning each member of the club is a bell. The two sounds of “JINGLE JINGLE” are two generations of the club, harmonizing with each other to bring the warm, joyful bells of Christmas Eve.

JINGLE JINGLE BELLS – Exciting opening bell

At 5:00 p.m., the opening bell rang the tune of The Lazy Song and Christmas Harmony to rock the whole audience. The dance performance from DEAN dance group of VLU Art Club was as vibrant as the energy that “JINGLE JINGLE BELLS” wanted to bring.

vlu clb nghe thuat aDean group’s performance "The lazy song + Christmas Rhythm" was choreographed from the choreography to the costumes that matched the theme.

JINGLE JINGLE BELLS - Ringing bells travelling on songs

After the exciting opening performances, “JINGLE JINGLE BELLS '' resounded with soaring songs by the vocalists of the VLU Art Club. The performances of diverse genres were carefully invested with self-composed performances, duets and quartets

vlu clb nghe thuat hThe performance "Nô-En này bạn muốn gì? - What do you want from Noel?" was self-composed by Yen Nhi - Trung Tin - Dang Thao of the Hat Team with a lovely melody combined with catchy lyrics.

vlu clb nghe thuat gThe sweet duet of couple Huyen Trang - Quoc Tuan with Mashup "Nàng Thơ - Trời Giấu Trời Mang Đi"

vlu clb nghe thuat fExciting atmosphere with Mashup "Lalala - Daydream" from Minh Hieu - Bao Khanh - Gia An and the talented musical instrument band of the singing team.

vlu clb nghe thuat bMashup “Snowman - The one that got away” was full of sweet and romantic melodies

vlu clb nghe thuat eThe performance "Mùa Đông của Anh - My Winter" by Cong Hien - Mai Nhi, is the song that closed the travel ring of "JINGLE JINGLE BELLS".

JINGLE JINGLE BELLS – Emotional Ring with “Người Một Nhà - One Family”

In the night concert "JINGLE JINGLE BELLS", there was the performance of the drama "One Family" from the members of the Drama Team. The story took viewers through different emotional levels together with the humor of the Four Seasons members.

vlu clb nghe thuat d

vlu clb nghe thuat c

“One family” was not a complicated story, but the simplicity really made each viewer see themselves in the characters of the story.


Art Club is a club operating with 4 main areas: singing, dancing, drama and musical instruments. Established on April 21, 2019, up to now, “JINGLE JINGLE BELLS” is a milestone marking the return of VLU Art Club after more than a year of operation. The program was not only to welcome Christmas but also had special value because it was nurtured from the "heart" of the members of the Organizing Committee.


Vi Thúy Liễu - Head of Communication Department for JINGLE JINGLE BELLS night concert
Photos: Mai Nhân

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