Learn to be the MC of MICE with Van Lang Tourism Living Skill Club

On December 1st, 2020, Tourism Skill Club - Faculty of Tourism, Van Lang University organized a workshop with the theme "MC of MICE", giving students new knowledge about event organization in MICE Tourism.

Tourism Skills Club is a Faculty academic club built to train students' skills, especially the students of the Faculty of Tourism, Van Lang University.

MICE - standing for Meeting, Incentive (Reward), Convention (conference, seminar) and Exhibition, is a type of tourism which combines conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and organizations. events, travel rewards of companies for employees and partners.

vlu tourism skill club cWorkshop is led by the alumni in K25 - the Faculty of Tourism, one of bilingual MC of MICE - lecturer of MCA.

MC MICE is the host for office guests or business guests. More specifically, MC MICE is also a person with active foreign language skills, delivering attractive content in many languages to be able to host programs for foreign guests when necessary.

Public speaking skills or MC skills are extremely important to students, especially the students of the Faculty of Tourism. Recognizing the novelty as well as the attractiveness of the young people as MICE MC, the Tourism Living Skill Club has planned to organize an MC workshop with the theme "MC of MICE" to share with you the skills of animation, effective team building events.

vlu tourism skill club bStudents at the Tourism Faculty excitedly asked questions on careers for the alumni.

At the workshop, Mr. Kim Hai helped the students understand deeply  the MC of MICE, sharing  knowledge and experience during his career. Besides, like a big brother in the family, Kim Hai enthusiastically helped his juniors orient their future, giving many practical advice, answering questions on how to become a good MICE MC and keeping the fire of passion over time. With his foreign language skills,, Mr. Kim Hai exchanged and answered many questions of students in English very impressively.

vlu tourism skill club dBesides sharing personal experience, Mr. Kim Hai stirred the atmosphere with exciting and vivid games.

After getting knowledge from the speaker, the participants were divided into small groups and practiced managing and cheering skills in front of the crowd to summarize the most effective methods. Many students had bold and novel ideas that attracted attendees, making the whole room warmly respond.

vlu tourism skill club gStudents are divided into small groups , practising cheering skills right at the workshop.

With interesting sharing from Mr.Hải, MC MICE-themed Workshop closed with success and a lot of memorable moments. Students of the Faculty of Tourism Van Lang had an opportunity to approach an interesting and potential new career, broadening the direction for the future.

vlu tourism skill club f”MC of MICE” Workshop is not just a learning and skill training session but also a nice gathering of different student generations at the Tourism Faculty.

Article: Hoài Ân

Photo: Cẩm Tú

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