GENERATION Z 2020, Finance - Banking students: a new beginning, a new generation

On the evening of November 30th , 2020, a featured program of the Faculty of Finance - Banking with the name GEN Z 2020 took place at Trinh Cong Son Hall - Campus 3. As a gift of the seniors for the youngest Class 26, which is also a tribute to Vietnam Teachers' Day on November 20, the students of the Faculty of Finance - Banking brought about an extremely impressive and unique program.

The name “GEN Z” is a new look of “PHOENIX”, with the meaning that the generation who creates a positive influence on the world is the young who love freedom, like to break things and want to make a difference. The organizers for the special program hoped that each student - generation of the Faculty of Finance - Banking of Van Lang University are independent individuals, have their own views and are not afraid of new ideas.

The GEN Z 2020 program started with the play "Traditional Ao Dai", conveying the message: no matter how much the society changes, the country's cultural value will always remain, everlasting national pride.

The program also has many special performances such as "Hơn cả yêu" by Mr. Kim Chung - a former student of Banking and Finance, "Bản Ngã" presented by the composer, 2 students : Trung Hieu and Duong Khang, or The very special gift from the organizers, -the rap performance of the special guest - Yuno Bigboy - "burned up" the stage that night.

The music festival with different level of emotions from deep to explosive is the constant effort of students from the Banking and Finance Faculty of Van Lang University. The organizers and collaborators didn't mind the sun and rain for “  their spirit child” with deep gratitude to teachers, alumni and students, all of whom burned their hearts out in the GEN music night. Hopefully, GEN Z season 2 in 2021 will still receive enthusiastic support from all members of Van Lang Finance - Bank.

Huỳnh Đức Phú -  Gen Z Communication  Board
Picture: Khánh Thịnh

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