Workshop themed on “Identification of Personal style” for Fashion Design students

(VLU, 08/04/2021) - On 06 April 2021, VLU’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Design organized a workshop themed on “Identification of fashion style”. This event was the opportunity for students to get supplemental knowledge in outfit mix and match by theme or the personal style of the clients.

The workshop was organized to provide the students the chance to learn more about being a stylist, acquire more experience in building a personal style and prepare for their final project. With the guest speaker Nguyen Hoang Ngan, the workshop had attracted vast attention from VLU’s Fashion students of course 25 and 26..

Creative Director, Designer and Artist Nguyen Hoang Ngan graduated from Hanoi University of Industrial Arts and attended the “Building personal style” and “Personal trademark” course at Central Saint Martin College - London.

  • 2002 - 2015: Creative Director of Ngan Private Collection brand; owner of the exhibited collections in Elle fashion show, Dep fashion show, Vietnam fashion week and EXPO Spain 2009.
  • 2002 - 2012: Fashion Design lecturer at the University of Architecture.
  • 2012 - 2015: Creative Director of L’OFICIEL VN Magazine; judge of Vietnam Next Top Model, Triumph Award and Miss Earth...
  • Author of the articles and criticisms for fashion and life section on Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Heritage Fashion magazine; author of the book “Cau chuyen ho thien nga va hoa thuy tien - the tale of swan lake and bunch-flowered daffodil” (published in 2020).
  • From 2015 until now, designer Nguyen Hoang Ngan is known as a freestyle artist, art collectors introducing personal exhibitions in Ho Chi Minh City such as “The Love”, “nhung sac thai ngot ngao cua ki uc - sweet shades of memories”.

vlu workshop xac dinh phong cach ca nhan

Students attending the workshop hoped to learn the way to define their personal style, learn and identify their target clients for their future career, and understand better about the job of a fashion stylist.

vlu workshop xac dinh phong cach ca nhan v

vlu workshop xac dinh phong cach ca nhan cAttending students worked on the quiz to identify their personal style under the guidances of the speaker

vlu workshop xac dinh phong cach ca nhan s

vlu workshop xac dinh phong cach ca nhan t

vlu workshop xac dinh phong cach ca nhan d

In the workshop, the students also shared with the speakers their style and future orientation. Moreover, the quiz for identifying the personal style also acquired great interests from the students. According to designer Nguyen Hoang Ngan, defining the current fashion trend and style are being mixed up. The trend is created by the designers, stylists, KOLs for their creative designs or mix and match concepts. On the other hand, the personal style is built on the outfit culture,  popularity and persistence through time.

vlu workshop xac dinh phong cach ca nhan e

vlu workshop xac dinh phong cach ca nhan uSpeaker Nguyen Hoang Ngan took picture with attending students after the event.

Reporter: Kim Tuyến
Photographer: Đăng Anh

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