Van Lang students prepare their future careers through "Employability Skill - Your Future Skill" Workshop

(VLU, December 21, 2020)- On December 19, 2020, the Center for Student Capacity Development organized the "Employability Skill - Your Future Skill" workshop for students of Van Lang University.

Employability Skill - Your Future Skill is an exchange and discussion of soft skills required to serve their career, giving students a better overview of future career trends, equipping them with the basic skills they need when starting a specific job.

vlu workshop employability skill your future skillWorkshop Workshop "Employability Skill - Your Future Skill" has brought useful knowledge to students of Van Lang University

The program was attended by guests and speakers:

  • Ms. Do Nguyen Ngoc Thu, Consultant - Techspaces VN
  • Mr. Nguyen Hieu Trieu Vy - Partner Tech Strategist, Microsoft Vietnam
  • Ms. Nguyen Phuong Huynh - Project Manager, VietSeeds Foundation
  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Loan - Legal Entity Controller - Coca Cola SEA Rep
  • Mr. Le Minh - Strategist - Seedcom (Group owner of The Coffee House, Juno, Kingfood, Cau Dat farm, Haravan, iPOS,...)
  • Mr. Nguyen Anh Tu - Founder of Dataservices Corp/Viet Business Intelligence (VietBI) and VietNam Operations Director of VietAI

vlu workshop employability skill your future skill bThe guests and speakers of the workshop "Employability Skill - Your Future Skill"

Future career trends

At the beginning of the program, Speaker Nguyen Anh Tu shared with students the trends of future job development, the ability to change some careers and the needs of businesses for the next generation of students, with the general message: students must change to be able to catch up with the general trend of the world.

vlu workshop employability skill your future skill iThe speaker sets out the game to answer three quick multiple choice questions related to jobs that are likely to be replaced in the future. Thereby, students can visualize the trends and developments of work in the constantly evolving flow of technology and artificial intelligence

Through the game of answering questions, students somewhat visualize what the future work trends will be like, how it will go. With the development of technology and artificial intelligence, some professions will be highly likely to be replaced and there will also be a number of other professions that are newly produced, human work gradually replaced by machines; Therefore, fully equipped with the necessary basic skills will ensure an important role in strengthening your position at work, creating career development opportunities for students.

Top 10 most wanted skills in the world in 2020

  • Solving complex problems skill
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Creative skills
  • Human governance skills
  • Collaboration skills (teamwork)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Assessment and decision-making skills
  • Service-oriented thinking
  • Negotiation skills
  • Flexible perception skills

In order to immediately practice the above basic skills, the program organizes a group discussion with content to solve business situations so that students have the opportunity to work and discuss under the guidance of the coordinator.  Students are divided into groups and discuss together, giving solutions to a specific business situation. Then present views to all attendees.

vlu workshop employability skill your future skill cGuest Le Minh talks to students in group discussion.

vlu workshop employability skill your future skill dVan Lang University students share their opinions after the group discussion at the workshop.

vlu workshop employability skill your future skill eThe representative of discussion group 2 said that the group has learned three things through the workshop: confidence, teamwork ability, critical thinking skills.

vlu workshop employability skill your future skill f Students learn how to map their work and how to ask critical thinking questions, "breaking down" problems to find a solution.

vlu workshop employability skill your future skill gGroup 3 said that they have learned how to work effectively as a team, distribute jobs to members, learn to adapt and give opinions, and how to receive ideas to improve themselves.

At the end of the program, speakers answered questions sent to the program by students, answered questions from students present at the workshop about work practices, teamwork and issues related to emotions, pressures at work and how to solve pressure barriers.

vlu workshop employability skill your future skill h


Writer Huynh Le Anh Tuan 
K24 student - Faculty of Applied Literature
Pictures: Ngo Quoc Dat

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