Students of the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design exchanged with visual artist Dzung Yoko about "Personal experience and the process of making fashion photos"

On October 29, 2020, at N2T1 Hall – main Campus Van Lang University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design held a talk show about "Personal experience and the process of making fashion photos" with the participation of speaker Dzung Yoko – Visual Artist, Creative Director of Elle Fashion Magazine.

Dzung Yoko is a very familiar name to Van Lang Fashion Design students, who cooperated many times as a member of the graduation protection evaluation board of fashion design students. On October 29, 2020, he and his partner - Stylist Dien Huyen Linh came to share practical experiences as well as the process of making a fashion photo series – important work, a prerequisite for bringing art products closer to the public.

Opening the talk show, Mr. Dzung Yoko shared: "In 1998, I graduated as the head of Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture in Architecture, but when I graduated, I decided to turn to Graphic Design and start reading everything on my own. From my interest in creativity and love of singer Tran Thu Ha, I was repeatedly persuaded to design the cover for her and began to affirm my career when I won the Best Cover award of the year. By 2003, on a trip abroad, I saw a lot of fashion magazines at a bookstore, and once again my true passion was found. Cherished and studied for 5 years, in 2008 I officially moved to fashion and worked for Elle Magazine. Therefore, you can completely change the work according to each stage you love, because the most important is in the "taste" and aptitude of each person. Fortunately, most of you have studied art, so they all have a common background in aesthetics".

vlu talkshow dzung yoko bMr. Dzung Yoko and stylist Dien Huyen Linh (left side) in the talk show with Fashion Design students at Van Lang University


Having the opportunity to interact and work with students in project marking sessions, Dzung Yoko believes that Van Lang University students as well as other schools are carrying out remote topics, escaping their experiences. Therefore, the first advice that speaker Dzung Yoko sends to Van Lang students is to be creative based on what you have been through to be able to adventure. Rooting in real emotions, everything we do will become easier.

vlu talkshow dzung yoko cThe image in Dzung Yoko's upcoming book named “Nhị Nguyên”, with Soulmate theme about the light and dark parts of people, is inspired by the story of him and his stylist partner Dien Huyen Linh who both have twins.

Dzung Yoko gives students advice from his own life: "As soon as I was still at school, I was also struggling with the shape of my own style. You can start from borrowing the existing styles which suit your personality. Each work you try begins to fix some basic things such as color, composition, or light ... and persistently changes, creating to gradually find out what is his true style. Art-making people are often more sensitive than others. "For me, I find it very good to be downmood, I can take advantage of those emotions to put them to work and convey them with a positive message, learn to write down the reasons why we are sad and how to solve difficulties right then."


In fashion, images can be associated and use repetition in the object to create. When Covid-19 Pandemic in Vietnam was under control, speaker Dzung Yoko made a photo series in Elle Magazine and received many compliments from Elle Magazine in Paris. He shared: "From the joy at that moment, I wanted to make a photo series "Think Pink - Beautiful Thoughts" that showed playfulness and brilliance, so I used 2 opposite color tones, pink and blue. The designs are selected from the connection to the surrounding objects such as flamingos, fish, flowers,... You pay attention to start creative work, need to study seriously and thoroughly learn the topic and draw sketches to share ideas with associates."

vlu talkshow dzung yoko dDesign by Quach Dac Thang – Alumni of Course 18, Fashion Design at Van Lang University used in Dzung Yoko's Think Pink - Beautiful Thoughts series

As a visual artist known as Elle and L'officiel magazines’ Creative Director, in July 2011, Dzung Yoko opened his first solo exhibition. Since 2016, he has launched fashion artbooks that are warmly received by professionals and readers.

For Dzung Yoko, Asian culture is endless love and inspiration. Contrary to many people, he is always looking for the beauty of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese muses... through stories, traditional values. From the little people to the true stories, Dzung Yoko reveals the hidden beauty that few people find. Not only students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, many students from the public relations, marketing... and other school students were also attracted to the topic of the Talkshow and came to socialize with speakers.

Wondering how to be creative without being deviated in accordance with the motto "Out of box", Dzung Yoko said: Many people mistake "Out of box" for to over-do it, but in reality, we approach things from many different angles and do not follow the path. It is important that the work you make needs to be thoroughly researched and prepared, bringing good meanings and messages and he also emphasized: "What is the important message you give? If you have a true, solid, reliable and in-depth message, you are not afraid of any bricks and stones. Creativity or breakthroughs based on cultures and traditions need to have deep understanding and meticulous research to have a proper presentation. It is possible to convince mixed media elements."

Modifying the opinion of Dzung Yoko, the stylist Dien Huyen Linh added: "The success of a work lies in the story that you want to tell the audience. In particular, you need to pay attention to who your audience is, or if they accept the creativity or breakthrough that you want to express or not. Because every creation becomes meaningless without sympathy.

As a stylist starting from another major and passionate about fashion through an unexpected occasion - Dien Huyen Linh said: "It is difficult to have a standard to evaluate whether a stylist is professional or not. For Linh, a real stylist is a person that really acts. A stylist is a person who not only loves to wear beautifully, but they also have to cherish and bring beauty to many different subjects, feel the beauty from different shapes, not only for models with standard shapes."

Dzung Yoko also gives advice to fashion design students who want to open their own fashion brand to work for at least 2 years in related positions such as Assistant for Designers, become a stylist or design trainees for brands, etc. v.. to get experience as well as observe how to operate a brand. Always keep up to date with world trends when there are opportunities to cooperate with foreign customers to ensure the work is always convenient.

vlu talkshow dzung yoko h

vlu talkshow dzung yoko gVisual artist Dzung Yoko took photos as souvenirs and signed Mindfulness books for Van Lang students at the end of the talk show.

Not only sharing professional experience, the artist Dzung Yoko has also inspired and motivated Van Lang students of Fine Arts and Design with the story of his career journey, from an architect to many other artistic fields and has achieved impressive achievements.

Tue Khanh
Source of photo: Van Lang Fashion, Nhat Huy

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