VLU’s Fine Arts Students and the achievements in Hoa Mai Awards 2021

(VLU, 23/04/2021) - On 14 April 2021, Van Lang University had joyfully celebrated the news that Vu Phan Hoai Nhi - Industrial Design student of course 24 and Nguyen The Hung - Interior Design student of course 23 had honorably received the third prize and honorable prize respectively in the Hoa Mai Contest organized by Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of HCMC (HAWA).

As the only contest dedicated to the professional wooden interior and exterior design, Hoa Mai Award has been developing and creating a talented design community, which left outstanding impressions in the field. After 18 seasons, VLU’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Design has been becoming a high-evaluated name for its achievements of well-known awards.

After four months of brainstorming ideas and refining the products, two finalists were announced in the Awarding Ceremony, which helped VLU’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Design to achieve one third prize and one honorable prize in overall.

vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai aVu Phan Hoai Nhi - Industrial Design student of course 24 - Work’s name: Home (third prize)

vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai jNguyen The Hung - Interior Design student of course 23 - Work’s name: “Hanging moon” (honorable prize)

Van Lang University would like to quote the post of Vu Phan Hoai Nhi after receiving the third prize in Hoa Mai Awards 2021:

First touch and solid support

Ever since my first days in Van Lang University, I developed an interest in the poster submitting to the Hoa Mai Contest exhibited at the common area of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. However, it was not until my third year when I studied the Interior Design course lectured by MA. Nguyen Chanh Phuong, that I decided to participate in the contest.

vlu ffd san pham noi that cThe submitting work to the Hoa Mai Awards was also the Final project’s product of VLU student to be displayed at the FFD exhibition in October 2020.

Interior Design and Industrial Design courses take place during the application period of the Hoa Mai Contest. Therefore, third-year students could take advantage of these courses to brainstorm ideas and sketch the product for both the courses and the contest.

A more-than-amazing experience

During the final round, besides the guidances from my mentors, I fortunately had the opportunity to work with Ms. Marielle Genet - Founder of LifeStyle Connected Interior Design Company. Owning vast knowledge and extensive experience in the field, she had enthusiastically provided me with much useful advice. I especially received the help from Tan Thanh company to create my model.

vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai dSeven or eight people fitted in one-square-meter “HOUSE” to modify and refine the final product before packaging and transporting.

vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai hThis was a hand-crafted rattan part. This was my first time working with this material so the final quality was not very satisfying.

It was quite a hardship participating in the contest. I had to work on the product, travel to the wood mill in Binh Duong and attend my classes at the same time. Knowing that I was a VLU student training at the site, all the staff had enthusiastically helped and provided me with detailed instructions.

vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai fPackaging and transporting process to the contest.

vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai iThis is my “Home” accomplished!

My thanks

I would like to express my gratitude to HAWA for organizing a meaningful contest for young people passionate in interior design. I also appreciated Van Lang University, Industrial Design and Fine Arts and Design lecturers for always encouraging and facilitating the students to pursue our passion, achieve knowledge and develop ourselves through wonderful classes.

vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai b

I hope that my sharing can inspire the ones sharing the same passion to design like me. Worry not, Van Lang will always be the best support to provide encouragement and assistance to us!

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Ngành Thiết kế Nội thất Văn Lang và những mùa thưởng Mai.

Vu Phan Hoai Nhi 
VLU Industrial Design Student of course 24

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