VLU’s Faculty of Applied Arts’ Music Tour - bringing the music to the world

(VLU, 12/04/2021) - On the evening of 08 April 2021, VLU’s Faculty of Applied Arts had organized an outdoors music show attracting vast attention and interest of VLU students.

Starting from 02 April 2021, on 16h30 every Friday, the lobby of C building at VLU (main campus) is crowded with audiences to enjoy the beautiful songs with either exciting, joyful, or deep atmosphere performed by the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts.

The event was among the regular activities introduced by the students of Vocal and Piano major. The event “Music Tour with Applied Arts students” was officially debuted to the VLU community to offer the opportunities for the students to learn from experience and inspire the love and joy in music to everyone.

vlu du ca cung nghe thuat ung dungMusic tour with the Applied Arts students is a friendly event to inspire the love for music introduced by the students of VLU’s vocal and piano majors.

Passionated by the good old music tour, where a band of excellent players and enthusiastic singers always dedicated their heart and soul for the people around the world, Music tour with Applied Arts Students had provided VLU students with chilling weekend moments.

vlu du ca cung nghe thuat ung dung cAs a MC and a singer, Nguyen Le Hoang Phong - vocal student of course 25 introduced the amazing “hypnotizing” song.

With the teaching method of “Learning from experience”, Van Lang University persistently encourages and facilitates its students to develop well-roundedly by practicing and learning from the real approaches. Mr. Le Minh Thanh - Lecturer of the Faculty of Applied Arts said at the event: “This event shall provide the students with hands-on experience, help them to improve their skills and create strong bonds with other students. On the first date of the show, our Faculty has received enormous positive feedback. We hope that, in the long run, this activity will be maintained and welcomed by the VLU community and the Applied Arts students will come up with more exciting and specific themes to enrich the contents of our activity. I hope you will always try your best, enjoy these moments and give them lessons to prepare for your future career.”

Reportert: Hoai Anh
Photo: Nguyen Ngoc Phuoc

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