Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020 Semi-final: 16 outstanding students advanced to the Final

(VLU, 16/12/2020) - Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020 Semi-final night - the talent contest on 15 December 2020 and the charity trip on 20 December 2020 had narrowed down 16 most excellent contestants for the Final round on 28 December 2020.

On the evening of 15 December 2020, 37 Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020 contestants had performed 20 acts in many forms such as singing, break dance, magic show, play, etc. to define the most talented contestants. The contestants were grouped randomly and had to prepare for their performances to depict their talents and personalities.

vlu missmister e

N2T1 Conference Hall was crowded with enthusiastic audiences. To guarantee the fair evaluations, the four judges were the experienced experts including journalist Minh Duc, singer/actress Nhu Thuy, model/actor Thuc Linh Lincoln and MC The Phi.

vlu missmister gDancing and Magic Show act “Tieng Set Ai Tinh - Love at First Sight” was among the most attractive performances. More specially, the contestants even invited judge Thuc Linh Lincoln to witness the act on stage.

Not only displaying the charming, modern style and elegance, VLU students also embraced the race’s characteristics and promote the good old cultural value by performing the following acts:

vlu missmister hContestant Nha Linh with her flexible and diligent performance had introduced the “Man Vang Phuong Nam - Southern region’s golden plate” act and achieved great applause from the judges.

vlu missmister jContestant Nguyen Hoang Thien Trang and Cao Huyen Tran introduced a touching performance with the Ao Dai and Four-part halter top representing for the four Vietnamese women’s virtues “Ethnics - Speech, Visage and Works”

vlu missmister mContestant Thai Thanh Sang and Nguyen Cao Gia Quynh performed the song and choreography “Hello Vietnam”

vlu missmister dContestant Phuong Tien and Van Quang, Van Hoa and Hong Nhung after outstanding performance had advanced to the Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020’s final round.

vlu missmister fThe adorable and synchronizing performance by contestant Van Hoa and Hong Nhung.

vlu missmister iThe duet performance of Phuong Tien - Van Quan had the audience speechless by their powerful vocals.

On 20 December 2020, top 37 contestants had attended the charity works round to celebrate the early Christmas Day with the children at Thien An orphanage (Tan Phu District, HCMC). This activity would identify 16 winners to the Final round. In this contest, the contestants must come up with a social-awareness advocating video to deliver the loving messages to the society. 

vlu missmister cTop 37 Miss and Mister Van Lang contestants themselves prepared Christmas presents to the children of Thien An orphanage.

vlu missmister a

vlu missmister bThe persistence and optimism of the children at Thien An orphanage had left unforgettable feelings to the Top 37 Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020 contestants.

On the evening of 23 December 2020, the list for best 16 contestants for the Final round would be announced and opened for voting.

The followings were the portraits of best 16 Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020 contestants:

gia quynh

hoang long

hong nhung

huyen tran

huy hoang

nhat my

nhu thuy

pham dat

phuong tien

phuong vi

thanh sang

thien trang

truyen thong

van hoa

van quan

xuan tuyen

As the event in 2020 was the second season of Miss and Mister Van Lang contest, the occurrence was more invested and better prepared by both the Organizing committee and the contestants. We do hope that 16 contestants would receive enormous support and voting from VLU students and lecturers, so they could be more motivated and shine on the Final night on 28 December 2020.

Reporter: Tuệ Khánh
Photo: Communication Committee of Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020
Organizing Committee: VLU Communism Youth Union

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