Van Lang University organized the launching ceremony of the Campaign "Xuan Tinh Nguyen 2021"

On January 15, 2021, at Van Lang University (main campus), more than 200 students were present to participate in the launching ceremony of the Command, formations and launching ceremony of the "Xuan Tinh Nguyen 2021" Campaign.

vlu xuan tinh nguyen h“Xuan Tinh Nguyen” is one of the major volunteer campaigns organized by the Vietnam Student Association every Tet. "Xuan Tinh Nguyen" is a place to accompany students who can not return home to celebrate Tet with their families or late to welcome a warm Tet together.

vlu xuan tinh nguyen gStudents gather early to attend the Launching Ceremony

The Board of Command and 05 operational program teams of the "Xuan Tinh Nguyen 2021" campaign has launched, including:

  • "Vui Tet xa nha" Team
  • "Xuan Tinh Nghia" Team
  • "Xuan Yeu Thuong" Team
  • “Xuan Chien Si” Team
  • “Sac Xuan Xanh” Team

vlu xuan tinh nguyen bThe annual Xuan Tinh Nguyen Campaign attracts a large number of students to participate

vlu xuan tinh nguyen cVan Lang University's Xuan Tinh Nguyen Campaign 2021 officially launched

During the event, packages of coconut jam branded "made by VLUers" by volunteers were sold to raise funds for the "Xuan Tinh Nguyen 2021" Campaign.

vlu xuan tinh nguyen evlu xuan tinh nguyen d

The Party Committee - The Board of Directors of Van Lang University and a large number of students always give attention and support to the "Xuan Tinh Nguyen" Campaign. Through the campaign, Van Lang students contribute youth and enthusiasm to create good values, spread love and share to the community and society.

Writer: Nguyen Trung Nghia

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