MC Van Lang Club successfully organized the music festival Spring Time 1 - Tet full of love

(VLU, 21/01/2021) - On January 14, 2021, MC Van Lang Club held a music night "Spring Time. 1 - Tet full of love" - ​​one of Van Lang's impressive and classy programs on the occasion of the new year (the year of the Ox).

The story of "Love" on New Year's Day has been fully conveyed by Xuan Thoi So 1 through each melody, the song contains the message of spring, Tet and love.

The emotional circuit, the situation and the leading words were wonderfully performed by six MCs of Xuan Thoi: MC Xuan Hieu, MC Thanh Ngan, MC Trung Hieu, MC My Phuong, MC Ngoc Nam, MC My Pham.

vlu xuan thoi i

vlu xuan thoi lMany unique and elaborate songs were performed on stage

Xuan Thoi 2021 is also a place where talents meet. There were 20 performances and 25 songs with various musical genres. They were thoroughly invested from beautiful costumes to stage set-up. Spring performances including Like spring flowers (Như hoa mùa xuân), Spring melodies (Giai điệu mùa xuân), Listening to spring come (Lắng nghe mùa xuân về), Season change song (Khúc giao mùa), listening to a folk song in New Year's Eve (Đêm giao thừa nghe một khúc dân ca), Tet is full (Tết đong đầy), Tet far away (Tết xa), Spring without color (Xuân không màu), Road home (Đường về quê), Day Happy spring wedding (Ngày xuân vui cưới), Sweet dreams (Ước mơ ngọt ngào), ... made Xuan Thoi stage “explode”.

vlu xuan thoi m

vlu xuan thoi k

MC My Pham - Club President shared: "A new year means we have more opportunities for new beginnings, look at the past, review the things that we have not done yet, set goals to keep striving for. I have the most thoughts in the transition moments of the old year and the new year. That is the time when we see the intersection of love and affection. And at that time, he had a lot of moods, both regret and hope. I find myself loving everything and appreciating this beautiful life.”

vlu xuan thoi dThe performance "Lunar New Year - Happy Spring" closes the Music Festival "SpringTime No. 1 - Tet Full of Love". The program organizers received love from all audiences for MC Van Lang Club.

On behalf of the people who performed the program, MC Van Lang Club would like to express our deepest gratitude to the soldiers on the front lines. We are grateful for the sacrifices of many Vietnamese children. Ignore the troubles of the old year and hope for a new year 2021 with more prosperity. Because we have the belief to win, we have the strength of unity and above all because we are ‘a good Vietnam’!”, MC My Pham expressed.


MC Van Lang Club
Photo: Van Lang Photographer

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