"PR Spring Festival" 2021 of Public Relations students

(VLU, 20/01/2021)On January 17, 2021, students of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication of Van Lang University organized the "PR Spring Festival" for the first time. More than 10 booths were held at the Campus 2, attracting the attention and participation of more than 500 students of the Faculty of PR.

PR Spring Festival 2021 was organized by the young people of the Faculty to relieve stress after the stressful exam season, creating a spring atmosphere for those who were far from home. Students from PR classes competed through activities such as cultural exchanges, culinary contests, booth design, folk games, or simply walking in between lines. The festival attracted the attention of a large number of students, especially first-year students.

vlu hoi xuan pr c"PR Spring Festival" has brought a new atmosphere to more than 500 students of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication

vlu hoi xuan pr eThe program is a meaningful festival with activities that stimulate students' creativity and healthy competitive spirit

PR Spring Festival started with a culinary contest with the theme of traditional Vietnamese New Year dishes. The chefs and cheerleaders gathered early to best prepare for the competition, adhering to the scoring criteria of Meaning and Taste. The Meaning prize belongs to Team 6 with beautiful food displays and a very convincing presentation about the meaning of the dish. The Taste Award was given to Team 10 chefs presenting the judges with a dish that is superb in appearance and taste. Team 5 won the Special Prize with extremely good performance in taste and meaning, hitting the judges' psychology.

vlu tet am thuc prAttractive culinary competition between the teams

vlu hoi xuan pr fThe game of tug of war attracted the participation and cheers of a large number of students

At 10.30, the teams focused on setting up and decorating the booth. Here, students can freely create their own booths according to the main tone, spring theme, etc. More than 10 booths of games or food with different colors and materials created a very lively atmosphere. The award for the most beautiful, most meaningful and creative booth went to Team 1 and Team 3, because they showed the right spring theme, using the meaningful main color tone.

vlu hoi xuan prThanks to the "PR Spring Festival 2021", Van Lang students can have fun and relieve stress after the stressful exam season

Folk games were also mixed with exciting cultural performances. Team 6 won 2 championships in Tug of war and Chess. The PR Spring Festival 2021 has made an impression on every PR student, especially the freshmen.


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