Protecting the environment from small actions: launching the campaign "Van Lang Go Green"

(VLU, 25/7/2020)On the morning of 21st July, 2020, Van Lang University held the launching ceremony of the campaign “Vi mau xanh Van Lang - Van Lang Go Green” at Trinh Cong Son Hall. The campaign will take place throughout the school year in order to raise awareness about protecting the environment and build an friendly environmental image of Van Lang people.

vlu vi mau xanh van lang aThe launching ceremony was attended by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - President of Van Lang University, Dr. Vo Van Tuan - Vice President, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Kim Oanh - Dean of Faculty of Technology, MSc. Dinh Xuan Toa - Director of Student Support Center, with more than 1000 Van Lang students.

vlu vi mau xanh van lang b

Dr. Vo Van Tuan - Vice President shared: “I hope this campaign “Van Lang Go Green” will spread out to all generations, from students to faculties, staff and lecturers in our school. Our actions to protect the environment today will affect future generations. I wish this theme will have a greater impact in the next coming years, not only as a short-term impact but as a good habit in daily life.”

The campaign “Van Lang Go Green” has 2 activities: garbage sorting program at source and small plan program.

In order to create a habit of classifying waste to protect the environment, Van Lang University arranges 2 types of trash bins: recyclable waste and non-recycle waste. Waste bins include food waste and other types of waste. Recycle bins include:

  • Waste papers:  paper boxes, cartons, used books and newspapers, etc.
  • Types of plastic: water bottles, household plastic products, product packaging, food containers, etc.
  • Metal (soft drink cans, iron frames, broken machines, aluminum, etc.) and glass
  • Old clothes and fabrics, etc.

Waste separation at source is a necessary activity in order to reduce waste to the environment, raise awareness about rational use of natural resources and save costs of waste collection, transportation and garbage disposal.

vlu vi mau xanh van lang cAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - President of Van Lang University send a message to all students about the meaning of classifying waste: “Don’t ever push our beloved one to do things that each of us can do easily”

Sharing the same vision “Small action - big meaning", Van Lang University implemented a small plan program. Each school unit will be given a used paper storage box, which brings the great meaning of saving resources and protecting our green, clean living environment. This small plan program is the first step for other environmental protection activities of Van Lang University, not only with used paper collection but also with other recycled waste in order to bring benefit to the environment and people to spread out to the community and society.

vlu vi mau xanh van lang dThe organizer will collect wasted paper every week and use the money collected from this for other environmental protection activities in Van Lang University.

vlu vi mau xanh van lang e

vlu vi mau xanh van lang fStudents and lecturers of Van Lang University wrote their name on the badges and sticked it on commitment tree with the message “I am committed to protecting the environment”

The campaign “Van Lang Go Green” will continue activities in order to build a positive life, green living habits, and environmental friendliness of the Van Lang community.

vlu vi mau xanh van lang gAfter the launching ceremony of the campaign “Van Lang Go Green”, the Executive Board of Van Lang University also held the admission ceremony for 552 new members.

Minh Phuong
Photo: Thinh Tran

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