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On November 28, 2020, students in Product Design (Industrial Design) and Interactive Media Art Design of Van Lang University had the opportunity to participate in the Workshop "How to make toys" of Oleander Workshop – a unit specializing in model production, character sculpture, visual experience of many activities, and attractive activities and products.

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design has cooperated with Oleander Workshop – a unit specializing in modeling and character sculpture, and has organized the workshop "How to make toys" for students in Product Design and Interactive Media Art Design for students to understand the reality of this industry in Vietnam in the fields of games, movies, decorations, etc., as well as understanding the production process and being more confident in implementing ideas. At the same time, the contact and learning from businesses will help students access to advanced technologies such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser engraving machines. From there, you choose the right career and can create new, breakthrough products that inspire society and young people later.

vlu how to make toys cccWorkshop "How to make toys" brings many useful and new knowledge to students in Product Design at Van Lang University

Oleander Workshop officially operated in 2017 and has now had a foothold in the market, not only domestically but also internationally. 

Coming to the workshop, Van Lang students had the opportunity to access many new knowledge and skills such as the process of producing a finished product, painting and coloring techniques, packaging, 3d printing technology, ZBRUSH software applied in production. In particular, in each field, you have been talking to guests who are experts in the industry as well as information related to the industry. 

vlu how to make toys mVan Lang students are attracted by the unique product models at the Workshop "How to make toys"

Sculptor Phuc Dang and interesting sharing about Sculpt

As a well-known sculptor in the world, Phuc Dang has worked at many prestigious companies as well as been involved in the production of a number of Hollywood film projects. Coming to the workshop, sculptor shared many valuable experiences in the profession of Concept 2d 3d, Sculpting – making 3d files on the machine, Sculpt for games and movies as well as inspiring students in Industrial Design at Van Lang University; sharing about the pressure and experience of working with domestic and foreign partners, or tips for maintaining interests, work and life,...

vlu how to make toys eSculptor Phúc Đặng và Mr. Nguyễn Lê Long Hải, founder Oleander Workshop

As an industry expert, the sculptor Phuc Dang realizes for the prospects of the Product Design Industry in Vietnam. In particular, Vietnam's film industry is growing quite strongly and the demand for this human resource will definitely increase constantly. For each Sculp project for movies or games, which will require new research, there is a different approach. The constant change, proactive time, being free to do many things makes this industry interesting for him.

Perfect color painting techniques with Painters

Being called the "witch" in the field of compass, having won many awards at compass competitions in the world, possessing many unique models with high historical value, imprinting the country and people of Vietnam, the painter Le Xuan Giang shared many interesting things about his passion for Van Lang students as well as painting techniques, and color the work perfectly.

vlu how to make toys kPainter Lê Xuân Giang sharing about your journey to your passion for compass design

Especially for the compass field, Mr. Le Xuan Giang said: "Compass design requires knowledge of painting, sculpture, interior design, cinema architecture, which is a synthesis. However, to get a perfect work, the most difficult in compass design is engineering and ideas. The journey of pursuing a passion for making a compass is not easy, sometimes it becomes deadlocked. However, we're not discouraged because we're always looking for other directions. Doing any job requires passion and enthusiasm. There will be times of stalemate but determination, passion will not depend on us."

Beside the painter Le Xuan Giang, the workshop also has the companion of the painter Tue (Ben Nguyen), the founder DauLauBocKhoi shared about "mecha" model painting techniques, robots, gundam and the painter Nguyen Quang Huy shared about figure painting techniques.

In particular, as the former student of Graphic Design Course 17 of Van Lang University, Painter Tue (Ben Nguyen) has brought many interesting sharings for his children.

vlu how to make toys rPainter Ben Nguyen shared, "I have worked with quite a few students of Van Lang University, whose techniques as well as their outputs are good. Hopefully, I will meet and work with more Van Lang students soon."

As a doctor, coming to character creation to satisfy his passion, after many years of self-exploration, training and pursuing his left hand, the painter Nguyen Quang Huy also accumulated a lot of experience in the industry. At the workshop, he shared, "The character modeling is very new in Vietnam and hardly anyone knows when we first started. We gathered in closed associations and shared a little knowledge. Everyone learns, tinkers day by day. It takes time, effort and money to be what it is today. Today's generation, the children are quite easy with a variety of learning channels. I believe you will be more successful than our generation. Besides, this land is quite fertile. This will be a good prospect if you persevere with your passion."

vlu how to make toys qDr. Do Anh Tuan, the Head of Posing - Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Van Lang University, shared some questions related to the production technologies brought by OW

vlu how to make toys uFor nearly 5 hours, the workshop maintained its appeal to students

At the workshop, students also have the opportunity to observe and admire some unique, edgy and satisfying displays of 3D live-Sculpt on the computers of experts.

vlu how to make toys vMs. Do Xuan Truc Dao, the Creative Director of OW presented gifts to the lucky students at the end of the program, including 1 Uncle Teu wood carving, 2 Monster heads (limited edition).

Product design is a promising industry, with great potential, but to be truly successful and stick with the profession requires perseverance, and relentless passion. Therefore, practical activities, which access to businesses and successful figures in the profession will contribute to inspiring students, helping them to be confident with the profession they have chosen and develop in the right and most appropriate way.

Writer: Thanh Tien
Image: Oleander Workshop


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