BLOOMING Concert welcomes new students in Course 26 of Public Relations, Van Lang University

(VLU, 19/10/2020) - On the evening of October 17, 2020, the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication organized the Welcome New Students - Course 26 Program called "BLOOMING" - a traditional program organized by second-year students to spread the flame of passion to the new students and welcome them to the PR family.

BLOOMING program is held every October with the desire to organize a music night for new students to join the new house full of warmth and meaning. The program consists of the Board of Deans of the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication, Staff, Lecturers, Sponsors, Alumni, Students of the 23rd, 24th, 25th courses and all students of the 26th Course who were present at the concert.

vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr eNguyen Huynh Truc Nha - Secretary of the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication represented the program to present fresh flowers to Dr. Huynh Thi Nhu Ly - Dean of the Faculty.

The new students of Course 26 met and listened to the dedicated guidance of the teachers and students of the previous courses. Hopefully, with those sharing, they quickly equipped themselves with useful equipment in student life.

The beginning of the program is a very exciting and exciting mashup dance performance. This is considered to be the most impressive performance at Trinh Cong Son hall stage that day.

vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr d

In turn, the performances "Being mature but still crying" (Lớn rồi còn khóc nhè) and "Who cares" (Hơi đâu mà lo), with a youthful and vibrant melody, brought a joyful atmosphere and cheered the audience up.

vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr aThe performance "Put aside anxiety" received the cheering and response of the audience at Trinh Cong Son hall that day thanks to the loving message that the title of the song brought

vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr b

When the stage has not cooled down yet, the bomb "Flash City" has exploded with mesmerizing powerful dance moves. The performance ended with cheers and applause as a thank you from the New Students of the 26th Course.

vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr fThe actors participated in the performance "Being mature but still crying" with familiar "Ba Ba costumes" to give viewers their childhood memories of their hometown.

After the moments that made the whole hall bustling, the play "Before Iris Day" was a silence that made the whole audience feel immersed in the feelings of contemplation. The play recreates the moment when a young person stands at the turns of life in the pursuit of his own passion.

vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr g"All efforts will pay off when we reach the finish line of the journey of passion" - The message was sent out, and the whole audience cannot suppress the tears of both empathy and familiarity.

At the end of the program is the performance of Dinh "Sublimation" along with the ritual of spreading fire - a tradition of the New Student Welcome program to pass on the flame of passion to the New Students - 26th course. 

With contemporary folk dance symbolizing the process of molting and transforming, after experiencing many ups and downs and pitfalls, the 25 Irises can finally bloom in the passionate sky. The performance ended with the image of a 26th Iris flower being offered from the stage by the drama actors as wishing the next generation of Course 26 students could also sublimate in their own passions.

The moment when the whole hall of Trinh Cong Son joined the melody of the song "The extraordinary little thing" is also when we clearly see the familiar image of generations of PR students: enthusiasm and passion burn in accordance with the spirit of "Talk much Do much United".

vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr iAt the end of the program, lecturers and students of PR Department came together to the stage and sang the song "the extraordinary little thing". Through this song, they hoped all new students of the 26th course in the future will become very extraordinary warriors.

With elaborate preparation from the content to the stage design, performances of students of courses (especially students of Course 25 ) have left a good impression on the hearts of new students of Course 26 - Faculty of Public Relations and Communication.

PR Faculty - Van Lang University is a place to nurture and incubate the seeds of passion. Although they are small but contain many extraordinary things of each generation of PR students who have chosen and will choose to study here.

Communication department - Blooming concert

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