Meeting Pham Minh Man - author of the book "Whose life am I living?" at Van Lang University

(VLU, 20/05/2021) – On the afternoon of May 7, the library of Van Lang University organized a talk show and introduced the book "Whose life am I living?" with author Pham Minh Man and nearly 100 students.

vlu gioi thieu sach minh dang song cuoc doi cua ai fThe talkshow took place at Hall N2T1 - Main Campus of Van Lang University

Youth is a gift because we have both time, health and aspirations. The scariest thing about youth is having too much enthusiasm but lack of consistency, easily fascinated but also easily bored, starting something very quickly and then realizing it is not right for you, mistakenly thinking that what you often hear is what you really want. If we do not make good use of our youth, then in the next steps on our life path, we will easily be disappointed and regretful. In the book "Whose life am I living?" author Pham Minh Man has spread to readers many diverse perspectives on youth.

Pham Minh Man is known as an MC, a copywriter, a voice talent and a young author. In addition, he often appears on radio shows and TV game shows.

“Whose life am I living?” - This is a book that deals with situations and questions that are easily encountered when you are young, such as: Choosing a major according to your parents' wishes, choosing a job according to your family's wishes, assuming that other people's happiness is your own duty, enjoying the care of others as a habit, not finding sympathy from your family when you want to live with your true gender, you and your old best friend naturally are no longer friends. Again, you are better than your colleagues, but you are not paid better... From the experience, the author gives readers multi-dimensional perspectives and brings many useful lessons to young people.

Be strong and choose the life you want to live

In the talk show, author Pham Minh Man shared: "Whose life am I living?" is a question that he always asks himself every day. Until he wrote the third chapter of this book, he can say with confidence: he got to live his life.”

vlu gioi thieu sach minh dang song cuoc doi cua ai dQuestions were answered skillfully, humorously and positively by author Pham Minh Man.

During the talkshow, the audience asked questions about the psychological issues of adulthood, adapting to the work environment and the concerns of young people in life. When asked about the "crisis of adulthood", Pham Minh Man said, the age of 22 is often a difficult time for youth, when we begin to enter the hardest working environment. Many people stumble, "crisis" at this age, but also millions of strong and successful people overcome the challenge. According to him, whether to overcome the "crisis" or not, it depends on the bravery and the experience that you have accumulated over the past 21 years. Everyone has different tolerance limits and everyone will encounter ups and downs. What matters is how we stand up strong, face it bravely and be ready to deal with difficulties.

vlu gioi thieu sach minh dang song cuoc doi cua ai cAuthor Pham Minh Man gave books to 3 students with the best questions.

The 2-hour talk show with speaker Pham Minh Man was like an intimate conversation, sharing experiences between brothers in the family. Along with the advice: "No matter what major you are studying, love the major you choose", Mr. Pham Minh Man hopes that students will always find joy in the path they have chosen.

vlu gioi thieu sach minh dang song cuoc doi cua ai aThe author lingered at the end of the hour to sign books for some readers.


Article: Nguyen Trung Nghia
Photo: Lee Minh Phuong
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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