"Van Lang Go Green" - spread positive values from small actions

(VLU, 28/02/2021) – Originating from the idea of building Van Lang University into a "green university", the Van Lang Go Green (VL Go Green) subcommittee was born with the message "Make this place your home - Van Lang is Home!"

After a period of conceptualizing and preparing an action plan, the VL Go Green subcommittee held the launching ceremony of the campaign "Vi mau xanh Van Lang" on July 21, 2020 and had the participation of many members in Van Lang community.

vlu go green cThe leadership of Van Lang University and students in the launch cecremony of campaign “Vi mau xanh Van Lang"

The campaign has 02 primary activities: Waste sorting at source (Waste classification at source) and “Ke hoach nho” program.

In 2020, Waste classification at source program helped Van Lang community classify waste properly through guidelines for garbage classification which were arranged at garbage collection area according to 3 main groups: plastic waste, paper waste and organic waste. Waste classification at source program not only has promoted its role well, minimized the effort and cost of waste collection and treatment, but also raised consciousness and awareness of lecturers, staff and students at Van Lang towards a green learning and working environment.

vlu go green aWaste baskets are labeled garbage classification designs.

With “Ke hoach nho” program, each university’s division was given a box for containing used paper. The organizers collected paper weekly and used the expenditure from the sale of scrap paper for other environmental protection activities at Van Lang University. After 7 months of operation, VL Go Green subcommittee collected more than 1.7 tons of used paper and collected nearly 3,000,000 VND from the sale of scrap paper. This is just the gained number from the initial implementation at Campus 3.

vlu go green b

With positive values in more than half a year of operation, VL Go Green continues to maintain and develop new ideas to protect the environment, helping Van Lang students create memorable experiences and make positive contributions for the community.

2021 – new ideas and actions!

Following the direction to build a "green university" of Van Lang University, in 2021, Van Lang Go Green continues to implement new ideas to realize this orientation, focusing on minimizing the harmful effects of hazardous waste. Van Lang is a large educational and training institution, so the collection and treatment of hazardous waste in right way is a meaningful activity contributing to environmental protection and demonstrates Van Lang's vision and responsibility to the society.

Maybe you don't know! The battery is a familiar and common item. However, each battery without proper treatment discharge into the environment will cause 500 liters of water or 1 m3 of soil to be contaminated with mercury and it takes 50 years to decompose this mercury. Therefore, the idea for the program "Pin's home" is being finalized by the Subcommittee of VL Go Green and will be implemented soon in 2021.

vlu go green dThe harmful effects of batteries when discharged into the environment without proper treatment (source: Collect)

Hope all members of Van Lang community continue to respond to the programs of   Lang Go Green subcommittee and build together "VAN LANG - GREEN UNIVERSITY" in the future!


Reporter: Pham Thanh Phuoc
Translated by: Gia Han 

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