Faculty of Business Administration's REBORN – Get back to make a difference.

(VLU, 19/12/2020) - On 19 December 2020, the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) 's featured event BASS 2020 with the theme "REBORN" took place at the Trinh Cong Son Conference Hall - Campus 3. This was an opportunity for the students and particularly final-year students, to express their gratitude to their lecturers and affirm the faculty's student community's solidarity spirit.

REBORN – Return to make a difference

BASS 2020 - REBORN was a featured event of FBA's students. Since this was a significant and festive concert night, FBA's Organizing Committee had worked exceptionally hard for more than a month to prepare for this event.


As an annual tradition, the Concert is held to express their gratitude to their silent navigators at the FBA. The act of gratitude to lecturers in the 2020 event was the song "La thu gui Thay (Letter to our Lecturers)" performed by the students of Course 23 (third-year students). This performance was dedicated to all the lecturers of the FBA.

vlu reborn b“La thu gui thay” performance by student representatives of course 23.

vlu reborn cOn behalf of all lecturers in the faculty, Dr. Nguyen Quynh Mai – Dean of FBA, received the students' loving gifts.

BASS is the FBA's traditional Concert, which was previously held eight times under the name "GAMMA" when co-organized between the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Commerce.

In 2020, after three years of absence, BASS had returned with the theme REBORN - Return to make a difference, which marked the event's return and renovation. In the Concert, the Organizing Committee had given the first meaningful gift to all FBA's alumni.

With detailed and procedural preparation, the "Q students" generations had brought forth many exciting, unique and impressive performances such as the Hot Pot Dance Crew, Trang Band, and fabulous fashion shows played by Fashion Design students, etc.

vlu reborn k scaled

vlu reborn hThe exciting and alluring performance of Hot Pot Dance Crew.

The closing performances had the hall exploded with impressive catwalk performances and elaborate, creative and unique collections from VLU's Fashion Design students.

vlu rebornn aa

vlu reborn n scaled

vlu reborn m scaled

REBORN will forever be a place to preserve unforgettable and proud memories for Q students. BASS might eventually end after exciting blooming, but it also promised an even brighter spark in BASS 2021.


Reporter: Nguyen Thu Phuong - Bass 2020 Organizing Commitee
Photographer: Van Lang Photographers

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