The Tourism Challenge 2021: A playground for Hong's family to unleash their passion

(VLU, 21/05/2021) – On the morning of May 16, 2021, the semi-final round of The Tourism Challenge 2021 officially started with the participation of more than 20 students from 3 majors: Tourism Service Management Travel & Tourism, Hotel Management, Restaurant & Catering Management.

The Tourism Challenge is a contest for students of the Tourism Faculty, Van Lang University, built to help students practice professional skills in Tourism, taking place every 2 years by the Executive Board of the Faculty Association. It attracted a large number of students from 3 majors of Travel, Hotel and Restaurant to attend.

After passing the professional knowledge test in the Preliminary round, more than 20 students with the best results were selected for the semi-finals of the competition. They will then be trained and take professional exams according to the major they are studying: the Travel industry: the candidates will make presentations at the destination; The hotel industry: candidates in turn practice 3 operations (FO, F&B and HK) and the Restaurant industry performs FO, F&B and Bar operations.

For candidates in Tourism & Travel Service Management, they are allowed to choose 1 of 6 topics and prepare a presentation in 3 days and have 15 minutes to present the entire introduction about the topic. They will act like a professional guide at the destination introducing the scenic spot to visitors and participate in the Q&A session, answering questions related to the narration from the judges..

vlu ban ket cuoc thi the tourism challenge khoa du lich van lang eA contestant is doing her HK professional challenge.

For candidates in Hotel and Restaurant, they participate in training classes and draw to perform 2 out of 3 basic training operations. Like the Travel Industry contestants, the Hotel and Restaurant contestants also participated in the Q&A session, demonstrating their bravery and flexibility through unexpected situations set by the judges. Before the questions from the judges, the young candidates were nervous and worried, but in general, all showed their efforts to complete the exam.

vlu ban ket cuoc thi the tourism challenge khoa du lich van lang dFor the Bar, contestants have 12 minutes to make 2 optional drinks for the judges.

Once in the top 10 of the competition "The Guiding star 3" held for students across the country who have a passion for the profession of a tour guide, Diep Phi Long - a student of Course 24 in Management Services & Travel today was also present in the semi-final of The Tourism Challenge 2021 and shared: "If I rate it on a 10-point scale, I think I get about 9 points. Although the My Son temple is a difficult topic about the history of religion and architecture, I prepared it very carefully and completed the exam quite well. The difficulty in the competition was probably just meeting the subject deadline and preparing the documents, but that's it. I realized that my quarantine time is not meaninglessly wasted.”

vlu ban ket cuoc thi the tourism challenge khoa du lich van lang cThe F&B challenge “Arranging 10 types of towels in 12 minutes” is one of the "difficult" challenges for this year's candidates.

vlu ban ket cuoc thi the tourism challenge khoa du lich van lang gAfter the performance of professional skills, candidates participate in the problem solving test and listen to the comments of the judges.

After the semi-final round, the Judges will announce the results of the contestants who are going to the final round. Due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the final round of The Tourism Challenge 2021 will be postponed and will certainly be held grandly after the epidemic situation is more stable.


News: Hoai An - Student K25, Faculty of Tourism
Photo: Dang Anh

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