Faculty of Fine Arts and Design’s Dithering 2020 Event – Transparent and Incisive

(VLU, 30/12/2020) - The 14th Dithering event aimed for the Incisive mind in Fine Arts and Design with the theme Transparent.

TRANSPARENCY is not a moment but a whole process.

Through various journeys, each person could discover oneself and become a singularity. 

TRANSPARENCY is an all-around appreciation.

On the Red Journey, each child of Fine Arts and Design (FAD) should comprehend unique perspectives, but thanks to the divergence, such a diverse and unique dithering could be born.

TRANSPARENT DITHERING – Transparent and Incisive

Behind an all-fired-up and memorable event on December 20, hundreds of staff had been putting their best during the last three months.

CELEBRATION AND FLASHMOB started very soon, from scripts, choreographies, soundtracks to rehearsals. CEREMONY was a proudful singularity of Van Lang's FAD. Because only in Dithering, there could be Celebration, and there could be a solemn and sacred atmosphere once the Dean lighted up the torch passing on to the next generations.

For Transparency, the Celebration was a story about a tribe living in the protection of an artifact. But as time passed, the tribesmen gradually degenerated, which resulted in internal conflicts. They then decided to destroy the artifact to live a transparent life. After that, they created a new artifact, which brought a peaceful life for their tribe.

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If Celebration was the soul of Dithering, then Flashmob was the means to fan out the positive energy and FAD students' friendliness and dynamism.

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The memories during the preparation and execution process of Dithering, the all-rounding backstage works, the persistent stage efforts, the dedicated content writing, and the FAD's overall attainment were all recorded. Above all, the Faculty of FAD had built up the event's main stage and put their best in creating beautiful standees and Celebration’s stage.

vlu hoa sac thau h

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vlu hoa sac thau j

The Festival sessions commenced in a fiery atmosphere where everyone hand-in-hand enjoys their best until the end of Dithering.

vlu hoa sac thau k

vlu hoa sac thau l

Nightfall was the climax of the event and the moment that all the content, backstage and operation team had to put their best efforts. All the performances were prepared by the FAD's very own students, even in stage-building, choreography, lighting systems, stage tools and costumes.

Before the event, the faculty's alumni also went "home" to joined hands in Dithering. This was the unique element of Dithering – family bonds.

Although Dithering 2020 had ended, its feeling remained. The passionate, sincere flame of Dithering will always be remained and outspread. Only in Dithering, strangers become acquaintances; friends become bonding siblings.

If you have not experienced Dither, try once so that you will never forget because Dithering is where strangers meet and the place to get closer as brothers and sisters. Only at Dithering could you cry and laugh together and experience the unique feelings you could never find elsewhere. Dithering is where you can find yourself, sympathize, understand, and share. Dithering is the most beautiful milestone of your youth! That is absolute!”

When you put yourself on the line for Dithering, it will pay you back with priceless beautiful memories.

That is how Dithering is! It is your home – where you can find inspiration, love and a place to return.

Let Dithering 2020 – Transparency and Incisive live for eternity!


Reporter: Tống Ngọc Thiên Như
Dithering 2020 – Transperancy’s Chief of Content Committee

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