VLU’s Faculty of Architecture organized the Seminar in Geometry

(VLU, 14/01/2021) - On the afternoon of 13 January 2021, the Faculty of Architecture had organized a seminar to exchange academic materials and sketches themed on “Geometry” at VLU - Campus 1 seeing the presence of faculties, staff, and the majority of the students of course 26. 

Sketching is a closely related subject to Geometry, illustrating objects and spaces in advanced projections. As a part of the Architecture program’s curriculum, sketching is the critical skill to enhance dimensional and block brainstorming ability, which helps students to exploit their creativity in their projects.

In the seminar, there was Dr. Do Phu Hung – Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Lecturer Nguyen Bao Tuan – Head of the Technical division in Architecture, and many staff and faculties from the same faculty. Discussing the importance of Sketching to students and architects, Dr. Do Phu Hung said: “Back then, Sketching was a difficult course even with the architecture students because it demanded a high level of imagination. Yet with the “learning through experience” training method, architecture students could study in a hybrid model between theoretical and simulating study. Therefore, the students could create their works, which make their study more practical and simpler.”

vlu khoa kien truc dh van lang to chuc hoi thao cac mat hinh hoa gThe seminar on “Geometry” of the Faculty of Architecture is the academic activity for faculties and students to exchange the effective training and learning method for the Sketching course.

vlu khoa kien truc dh van lang to chuc hoi thao cac mat hinh hoa bLecturer Nguyen Bao Tuan said the development of technology had dealt great influences on modern architecture and helped to make the diversifying designing ideas reality more quickly and effectively.

vlu khoa kien truc dh van lang to chuc hoi thao cac mat hinh hoa aLecturer Vu Tien Dat shared the new approaches to the Sketching course, which made it more interesting and effective.

Lecturer Vu Tien Dat of the Faculty of Architecture said that the initial time studying Sketching will be a “forgetful experience” to architecture students. Hence, the faculties had constantly looked for innovations, selected and created the most effective teaching methods, and made the course more interesting and attractive to students when they could create their work and learn from practice. Apart from the basic blocks, the students should mainly work with the traditional multi-dimension, curving surfaces such as Paraboloid, Hyperbolic, Regular Polyhedron… The students then have to learn to arrange in various ways to create more illustrating curving surfaces highly applicable to architecture such as domes, thin-shell structures, towers…

vlu khoa kien truc dh van lang to chuc hoi thao cac mat hinh hoa eWorks of the architecture students of course 26 exhibiting at the Math Open Day at Van Lang University on 17 January 2021.

vlu khoa kien truc dh van lang to chuc hoi thao cac mat hinh hoa dThe application of model-making practice is an effective and inspiring teaching method for architecture students.

The works made during the Sketching course by the students of course 26 were not only the proof of their comprehensive studying but also the inspiring exhibiting artifacts on Math Open Day (17 January 2021) organized by VLU, Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM), HCMC Department of Education and Training and HCMC Association of Mathematics.


Reporter: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa
Photos: Faculty of Architecture

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