Mock Trial 2021 – Special sessions dedicated for VLU’s Law students

(VLU, 24/05/2021) - On 18 May 2021, VLU’s Faculty of Law organized the Mock Trial 2021 for three criminal courts at the 10F Conference Room at VLU Campus 1.

Annually, Van Lang University organizes Mock Trial Weeks based on the curriculum to offer studying opportunities for Law students. These specialized activities provide students with the chance to practice their knowledge and understand their future roles and responsibilities in society.

vlu phien toa gia dinh bThe Mock Trial is the specialized activity of VLU’s Faculty of Laws embraced by the Law students.

The Mock Trial 2021 was a part of the Criminal Procedure course for 2nd-year students. Under the supervision of Dr. Vu Thi Thuy – Head of Criminal Law Division and MA Tran Thi My Duyen – lecturer, the Law students of course 25 had one month to study the case’s records, prepare the scripts, develop the story and allocate the roles: Judges, jurors of people, trial secretary, prosecutor, lawyer, victim, witness. The preparations were required to carry out a professional trial including all the procedure, argument, examination, and announcement.

The Mock Trial this year differed from the previous one thanks to the faculty and lecturers’ additions of interesting activities helping to approach the students. The whole trial was recorded and would be processed and published on the faculty’s fan page for voting. The most voted trial would receive special rewards from the division lecturers.

MA Tran Thi My Duyen – controller of the Mock Trial said: “After receiving the case’s record to study, the students will schedule a meeting to allocate the tasks to prepare questions, accusations, proves; and allocate the roles to rehearse twice or three times. The Mock Trials aim to create a case study for the students to practice their knowledge in criminal law and criminal procedures, and to allow the student to organize an actual trial including all basic steps and procedures. Moreover, the lecturers would like to help the students to approach, comprehend and understand their future career."

vlu phien toa gia dinh aThe Mock Trial embraced by VLU’s Law students as a meaningful opportunity to learn from the experience.

Three Mock Trials took place on 18 May including an Assault case, a Robber case, and a Traffic law violation case. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the next mock trials must be postponed until further notices.


Reporter: Hoài Anh
Photographer: Trí Châu - Thái Nguyễn

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