YouthSpeak 2021 - a forum for young people to live green held at Van Lang University

(VLU, 28/4/2021)On April 25, 2021, at Hall N2T1 - main Campus of Van Lang University, YouthSpeak Forum 2021 took place with more than 500 young people in the South and the presence of a series of speakers, media ambassadors and well-known enterprises.

vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh cYouthSpeak Forum 2021 in the South receives much attention from young people

The YouthSpeak Forum is AIESEC's annual global series of events for young people. This year, with the theme "Sustainable Footprint", aimed at making young people aware of SDG 12.8, helping young people propose solutions that harmonize personal needs and sustainable lifestyles in consumption and production.

The event was attended by the following speakers: Mr. Nguyen Dinh Nam - Associate Manager at Kantar Worldpanel, Former Managing Director at AIESEC Vietnam; Ms. Diep Hong Vy - Elected Managing Director at AIESEC Vietnam, Former Branch Manager, AIESEC FSG branch; Ms. Nguyen Huu Quynh Huong - author of the book "Live green, then live fast"; Dr. Huynh Tan Loi - Lecturer of Faculty of Technology, Department of Environment, Van Lang University; Mr. Le Huu Sang - Operations Manager at Hiep Phu factory; Ms. Nguyen Dieu Hoang - Strategic Partnerships Development Executive at Lazada; Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh - CEO & Founder of mplify Vietnam; Ms. Vu Thi Anh Tho - Chief Operating Officer at Vietnam Human Resources Association - VNHR; MSc Mai Nguyen Dung - Utrecht University (Netherlands); Ms. Nguyen Da Quyen - Co-founder & CEO of Lai Dai Refill Station; Mr. Ho Viet Hai - Vice Chairman Of The Board at Pacific Asia Travel Association, along with media ambassadors who have great influence among young people.

vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh bThe event was attended by Media Ambassadors and influential tiktokers

Attending the program, the young participants experienced a series of knowledge transmission spaces with the main contents including:

  • "Inspire" space with the speech Youth and the way to realize SDGs, share stories “Following the footsteps of people living green”;
  • The "Cohesive" space and open discussion sessions were held around issues of green and sustainable living;
  • The "Action" space allows young people to boldly speak up their new ideas and perspectives and listen to the experts’ insights.

vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh dAttendees are randomly divided into groups and participate in discussions, creating projects by topic.

vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh fTeams present their ideas, projects and proposals to the judge.

During the presentation of ideas and critiques, Mr. Ho Viet Hai and Ms. Nguyen Da Quyen - Judge of the creative competition proposed solutions to reduce harmful effects on the environment, raised sharp questions or contributed ideas with practical meaning. Ms. Nguyen Da Quyen shared: “What you are missing is turning ideas into actions. Having an idea is easy, but turning an idea into action and concrete projects is not so simple. Today you meet wonderful friends, you can turn your idea around or make your idea better, more complete and then turn it into concrete action. If you only stop at an idea contest, presenting Youthspeak's ideas this year, you will still have the same idea next year when you sit down again, but society will have nothing new, so what I want is for you to know how to share seeds like this idea to people, to the community.”

Within the framework of the event, young people were also registered to participate in the Workshop series with 4 different topics:

  • The Real Well-being
  • Thinking Out-of-the-box
  • Science of Habit Formation
  • Critical Thinking

vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh aAttendees visit business booths before the event.

YouthSpeak Forum 2021 helps young people develop themselves, connect, motivate young people to take action, create meaningful social projects, and protect the Earth. Following the opening theme "Sustainable Footprint", "Sustainable Journey" will be a new journey with increasing difficulties and Top 3 selected teams will participate in the National round.

vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh eAttendees actively participate in contributing and presenting their ideas in open discussion sessions


Nguyen Vu Mai Thy - Student K23 in Public Relations 
Photo: Thinh Tran

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