Dong Thap students are excited to experience Campus Tour at Van Lang University

(VLU, 27/04/2021)On April 25, 2021, more than 500 students from 4 high schools in Dong Thap province (Cao Lanh 1 High School, Cao Lanh 2 High School, Do Cong Tuong High School, Hong Ngu High School 1) had a tour at Campus 3 of Van Lang University. The program is a close connection in Van Lang University's enrollment counseling journey with high schools across the country.

This is one of the activities organized by Van Lang University during the enrollment counseling phase with the goal of career orientation, personal capacity and providing information about training professions at Van Lang.

vlu campus tour dongthap aVan Lang University is honored to welcome the Board of Directors, teachers representing 04 high schools and 500 students from Dong Thap province.

Students volunteered to guide the high school students in 7 major groups: Technology, Engineering, Economics, Humanities, Health, Fine Arts - Architecture, Information Technology. High school students of Dong Thap province visited campus and typical areas of Campus 3 of Van Lang University, including: Trinh Cong Son Hall, egg hill, Library, Hub room, Building A, kiosk area, virtual reality room, etc.

vlu campustour bTour guide team arrived early to welcome students to visit Van Lang University

As soon as they got off the bus, Dong Thap students were enthusiastically guided by "tour guides" of Van Lang students and began to visit the school's facilities. Van Lang students quickly brought the students to experience interesting places at Van Lang University, making most students enjoy the experience.

vlu campustour cStudents visit and take photos in the lobby area of ​​the LV building - main Campus of Van Lang University

vlu campustour dGroup of students majoring in Engineering experience at the AR - VR virtual reality room of Van Lang University

After the Campus tour, students gathered at Trinh Cong Son Hall to exchange, support and advise on the industry with lecturers - experts in the fields of Technology - Engineering, Construction, Business Service, Humanities, Society, Economy, etc.

vlu campustour fM.S Nguyen Thi Men - Head of Admission & Communication Department, who has many years of experience in enrollment counseling, accompanied by the advisory board to answer questions from students at the event.

Dr. Vo Van Tuan - Standing Vice Rector of Van Lang University, Dr. Ngo Quang Trung – Vice Rector, Dr. Tu Dong Xuan – Vice Dean Civil Engineering Faculty, MSc. Bui Minh Phung – Vice Dean of Information Technology Faculty, MSc. Nguyen Dac Thai – Vice Dean of Fine Arts and Design Faculty, Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Huong – Vice Dean of Pharmacy Faculty, MSc. Nguyen Huu Binh – Vice Dean of Law Faculty, Dr. Vu Thi Quyen – Head of Biotechnology, MSc. Dinh Xuan Toa – Director of Student Support Center, MSc. Nguyen Thi Men – Head of Admission & Communication Department, along with many teachers representing faculties/ branches were attending the event.

From high schools in Dong Thap province, there were Mr. Chau Quoc Tuan - Principal of Cao Lanh 1 High School, Ms. Le Thi Huyen Phong - Principal of Do Cong Tuong High School, Mr. Duong Tan Si - Principal of Hong Ngu High School 1, Mr. Nguyen Huu Nghia - Vice Principal of Cao Lanh 2 High School and more than 30 homeroom teachers of 4 high schools attended.

vlu campustour eDr. Vo Van Tuan - Standing Vice Rector and teachers of Van Lang University took a photo with high school teachers from Dong Thap

Dr. Vo Van Tuan - Secretary of the Party Committee, Standing Vice Rector of Van Lang University shared: "Up to now, we have 33,000 students in 50 majors with 23 faculties, covering most of the disciplines. Career guidance and counseling is a particularly important phase. Today's students are fortunate to have the opportunity to study in an environment with diverse facilities and lots of support compared to previous generations. Recently, VLU has attracted the attention of students from the West and Southeast, including Dong Thap province. Today, Van Lang University is honored to welcome the management board and students of Dong Thap province to visit and experience the school's learning environment. I hope that this Campus Tour will help them choose the right major and study environment in their upcoming journey and thank you for accompanying them to visit Van Lang University".

vlu campustour gDr. Vo Van Tuan - Vice Rector of Van Lang University shared with high school students in Dong Thap province

Representative from 4 high schools in Dong Thap province, Mr. Chau Quoc Tuan - Principal of Cao Lanh 1 High School shared: “On behalf of 4 high schools from Dong Thap province, we would like to thank Van Lang University for organizing for our students to visit the School. I had the opportunity to visit a number of universities abroad and today when I came to VLU, I felt surprised because I did not think there was such an international university in Vietnam. With large and modern campuses, Van Lang University will be a good choice for students in the current century of innovation.”

vlu campustour hTeacher Chau Quoc Tuan - Principal of Cao Lanh 1 High School shared at Trinh Cong Son Hall

Trinh Mai Trinh (a student at Cao Lanh High School 2), one of the students who participated in the cultural exchange on the Campus tour, shared: “Today is really a useful day, bringing a lot of knowledge and revealing answers for many questions from students. I have a special affection for Van Lang. I am very lucky to represent Do Cong Tuong High School in the program because my dream is to be a singer, to sing, and I am very happy because the sound system of the hall is very modern. Everything is good, the MC and the supporting seniors backstage are also very cute. This is the right university for our students to choose.”

vlu campustour slide iTrinh Mai Trinh - Cao Lanh 2 High School shared her feelings and sang the song What I saw tonight

The activities combined with visiting the facilities of Van Lang University are designed with a new form, bringing the feeling of learning while playing. Students can freely experience all the classrooms, visit and learn about the learning program which suits their interests, and visit the outstanding training exhibition.

vlu campustour j

Some pictures of Dong Thap students visiting main Campus of Van Lang University:

vlu campustour k

vlu campustour l

vlu campustour slide m

vlu campustour slide n

vlu campustour o

vlu campustour p

vlu campustour q

vlu campustour r

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