The life of students in the Exchange Program in Korea

(VLU, 09/5/2021)Doan Thi Kim Loc - student of Course 23 of Oriental Studies is one of 6 students who study abroad the exchange program with Seoul Southern University (Korea) in 2019. She sent to the Van Lang student’s Magazine her sharing about life of Van Lang students in the Exchange Program in Korea.

In August 2019, I am very fortunate because I participated in a 1-year student exchange program at Seoul Southern University (Korea). With the hope of my parents and the mission of Van Lang student, I always tell myself to try my best to complete my studies in Korea.

Namseoul University was established in 1994. This is a private university in Korea and the curriculum is design in a creative direction through engineering and research; with many activities for students. The international students will be taught Korean in parallel with the program of specialized subjects in the classroom.

At school, I not only study Korean as the main subject, but also participate in programs to experience Korean culture with students from many countries such as the exchange program between Korean students and foreign students, or the program to welcome new Vietnamese students and so on. For me, studying at Namseoul University is a very beautiful and meaningful time, because I can study and interact with modern science and civilized.

vlu student in korea aActivities to welcome new Vietnamese students in Korea.

Coming to a new country, different in language and culture, I have worries about life and the future. At that time, the biggest difficulty was probably the difference in language and weather.

Two years of learning Korean at VLU is probably not enough because I have to study 100% in Korean here, so initially I was quite timid and nervous when communicating. However, thanks to the help of teachers, friends and the studying hard in the dormitory every day, I have gradually adapted to the environment and improved more and more.

vlu student in korea bParticipate in cultural experiences for foreigners at Everland.

vlu student in korea cOriental students study cultural experiences in the spring semester.

vlu student in korea dMs. Kim Loc (in the right) has many Korean friends in the land of kimchi.

With international friends, although they are different in language and culture, everyone always helping and having fun with each other. There are a lot of memories, but I remember the first time I took the subway. It's really magical for me. Subway often run fast and space is like a miniature world of Korea. I sat and looked at the surrounding scenery, sometimes observed the subway, feeling very interesting.

vlu student in korea eKim Loc in traditional Hanbok participated in exchange program between Korean and foreign students, visiting Kyung Bok Gung.

The weather in Korea is always cold. I have experienced all four seasons: spring - summer - autumn - winter and clearly feel the climate change of this country. It is very difficult to live in the sub-zero cold, but after all, most foreign students are completely defeated by the beauty of each season. Seeing cherry blossoms bloom in spring, roses and tulips in summer, or fall with red maple leaves filling the road, and snowfall in winter are all wonderful experiences!

One year of studying in Korea not only helps me improve my foreign language skills. I find myself really mature, learning how to solve problems, how to take care and protect myself when I'm alone in a foreign country. One year living here, I have understood why Korea has the miracle of the Han River, why the country can develop so strongly. For these reason, I love the country and language that I have chosen and pursued.

The life away from home and the journey to pursue the dream will have certain difficulties but it is also interesting and bring opportunities. Please be confident, persistent with your dreams and try to accept opportunities during your study time at Van Lang University.

According to the cooperation agreement signed with Kwangju University and NamSeoul University, Van Lang University periodically selects and supports Oriental students to study for 1-2 years in Korea.

Students studying abroad for 1 year are exempted from 100% of tuition fees and only prepare living expenses. Students studying abroad for 2 years are entitled to 50% tuition fee and free dormitory fees. All of you are supported by universities in Korea to prepare accommodation in the dormitories.

In 2019, the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities of Van Lang University selected and brought 4 exchange students to study at Kwangju University and 2 students to study abroad at Namseoul University. They are the students who meet the requirements for academic result (consider the students with the highest score in the final course), active in activities and have the desire to participate in the exchange student program.

Phung Le Van (note)

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