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(VLU, 06/5/2021) Undergraduates have always felt confused when studying many challenging and abstract subjects such as general subjects or specialized theories. The lecture hall also sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable and bored in the lessons. Therefore, while we went exposed to Critical Thinking in the 2nd semester in the first year at Van Lang University, we seem to be aroused the interest in learning and promote the creative spirit of students in general and students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in particular.

After learning the subject "Critical Thinking", we have understood that the nature of "criticism" in "critical thinking" is not the debates. It is the ability to gather information, analyze, interpret, and identify or evaluate a problem in order to draw correct conclusions about it. Critical thinking contributes to strengthening beliefs and directing actions to build and protect that trust. Critical thinking requires us to use Independent Thinking and Reflective Thinking.

vlu my critical thinking class aA group presentation on “Parallel Thinking” and Edward de Bono's "The Six Thinking Hats Method"

Getting acquainted with critical thinking, even though it is only in the elementary steps, we have been provided with methods of approaching problems in study and life in effectively. Through the lessons of the subject "Critical thinking", we gradually form the skills: Understanding the logical connection between points of view; Identify, develop and evaluate arguments; Solve problems systematically, and so on. Importantly, we are trained in how to detect and correct inconsistencies which is common mistakes in reasoning or in learning and research.

Before learning "Critical Thinking", we only vaguely understood and envisioned the subject's objective that would help us to be able to speak out overwhelmingly in debates. However, when we go into the lessons, we realize that we should not confuse critical thinking with liking to argue or criticize others. Although skills in critical thinking can be used to point out shortcomings, critical thinking also plays an important role in coordinating to have the right, positive and constructive ideas.

vlu my critical thinking class b

vlu my critical thinking class cLesson "Critical thinking" - practice drawing mind maps (Mindmap)

Our "Critical Thinking" class usually takes place every Saturday afternoon from March 6th, 2021. For us, "Critical thinking" does not bring challenges, because lessons are often accompanied by group exercises and practice exercises to immediately apply students’ knowledge. It is remarkable that students are free to discuss and present their opinions on the given topic, and every contribution is acknowledged by the teacher. They are like bricks that to form a solid argument wall, contributing to making the problem clear and satisfactory.

vlu my critical thinking class d

vlu my critical thinking class eMindmap of completed groups

For us, “Critical Thinking” is a useful and interesting subject. As a result, we practice confidence in communication, be more sensitive in our behavior, persuade the other party with logical and coherent arguments, improve our presentation skills, and think carefully before giving any decision-making and having a multi-dimensional perspective on all issues in life. This is truly an effective and highly applicable tool in academic disciplines, in many fields and social life.

The subject "Critical thinking" by MSc. Vuong Hoai Lam teaches freshmen of the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities. In all majors at Van Lang University, Critical Thinking is also taught synchronously to freshmen and sophomore as a premise for students to approach and deal with information in subjects and applied to works in the future.


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