Students of the Korean Studies Profession attended the Talk show on Interpretation

(VLU, 21/4/2021) - On 20 April, the Talkshow on interpretation themed on “Is the path to become an interpreter – translator that hard?” was organized by VLU’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. The activity took place at VLU's main Campus with the participation of the related faculties and the students specialized in Korean Studies – a major of Oriental Studies.

The talkshow themed on “Is the path to become an interpreter – translator that hard?” was introduced virtually by Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Que.

vlu toa dam phien dich bd

vlu toa dam phien dich bThe activity attracted a lot of students specialized in Korean Studies of course 23 to 26

The activity provided the troubling students with the opportunities to experience and be best-prepared for the future career.

In the talkshow, the students could find the answer to the definitions, characteristics, and critical qualities to become an interpreter – translator. This career is a special job that no machine can do in a human’s place.

vlu toa dam phien dich cDr. Nguyen Ngoc Que had virtually answered the student’s questions related to the specifications and future opportunities for this career.

The most anticipated question of the students was “How much they could earn as an interpreter – translator?

Dr. Que answered that the starting salary of a graduate with TOPIK level 3 to 4 (Test in Proficiency in Korean) was approximately from 10 to 12 million VND. This amount should increase after six to twelve months depending on the student’s quality. Although the salary was a matter of interest, what more important was that the graduate student could dedicate to their suitable employers and get valuable experience at work.

vlu toa dam phien dich dThe faculties and students of the Korean Study profession took pictures at the end of the talk show

Participating in the talkshow, Le Thi Trang Nhung – a student specialized in Korean Studies of Course 26 said: “When I participate in this activity, I realize that inspiration is what matters the most to make a living from this career. Moreover, I will have to be more hardworking in improving both Vietnamese and Korean. In the future, I would like to become a book translator, because I love reading and studying Korean. Being a book translator will be a great combination and suitable for my future career.

Reporter: Kim Tuyen
PR Student of Course 23
Translated by: Hoai An



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