The military semester started at main Campus of Van Lang University

(VLU, 15/4/2021) - At the beginning of April 2021, Van Lang University started to lecture the practical sessions of the National Defense course at main campus (69/68 Dang Thuy Tram Street, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, HCMC). Many students, who first time took this course, are very excited about the Military semester.

According to regulations, starting from the AY 2020 – 2021, Van Lang University was the first entity to lecture, evaluate the National Defense courses, and issue certificates.

The Military semester is a collective course consisting of practical training programs with high similarities to a real military training model. This course helped students to acquire and enhance practical skills and responsibility toward society and their families.

vlu GDQP aVLU students took the practical session of the National Defense course at main Campus of VLU

The result of this course is not accumulated to the GPA but it is a “compulsory” course for all Vietnamese Associate’s and Bachelor’s students. Many students were very excited to study and train in a military environment to acquire specialized skills, good stamina, and high self-discipline.

vlu GDQP b

vlu GDQP cStudents in military outfits attended the course in an appropriate manner

This was the first time that VLU students could enroll in the Military semester on campus. The 1st enrollment consisted of 1,121 students from three faculties, which were the Faculty of Law, Engineering, and Automotive Engineer.

vlu GDQP d

vlu GDQP e

vlu GDQP fThe students delightfully attended the practical field skills class as a real soldier

vlu GDQP h

vlu GDQP iThere were many modifications in the course delivery to match the military manner such as punctuation, appropriate outfit, serious manner to help the students improve their self-discipline.

The on-campus delivery for the National Defense course was not a new model. However, this was the first time VLU had applied this teaching model. The new methods offer not only convenience for students but also better management for the University itself. Military semester always promises wonderful and unique experience helping the students to promote their manners, teamwork skills, and disciplines.

vlu GDQP gAlthough the hot weather and strict regulations, the Military semester should bring a wonderful experience for the student’s life.


Reporter: Mai Thy
Photographer: Lee Minh Phuong
Translated by: Hoai An

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