When the youth of Van Lang University made movies

(VLU - 01/04/2021) “Coming to Van Lang Film Festival, when all enthusiasm is poured into the script and sent to attend, my determination is high: This script must be received! I have to make this movie!"

The First Van Lang Film Fest

Since 2018, Vietnamese cinema has increasingly appeared with many excellent cinematographic works made by young people, winning great prizes, marking a new step for the domestic film market. The public knows "“Nham mat thay mua he" by young director Cao Thuy Nhi, "Thua mẹ con di," " Mui huong nuoc mam " by Trinh Dinh Le Minh, "Troi sang roi ta ngu di thoi" by Chung Chi Cong or series "Viet su keu hung" inspired Vietnamese history to the Vietnamese. Young people are also gradually asserting themselves with movie projects that are broadcast on many different platforms.

With the motto "Learning through experience", creating conditions for students who love the seventh art to experience and create their own values, spreading positive energy to the community through film, Van Lang University officially launched the first film festival.

vlu khi nguoi tre lam phim fThe Opening ceremony of Van Lang Film Festival (March 13rd, 2021) with the participation of many prestigious guests in the field of art, businesses, media and nearly 1,000 students.

The participation of the Advisory Board are prestigious Vietnamese artists who are working at Van Lang University such as: Assoc.Prof.Dr.Meritorious artist. Phan Thi Bich Ha - Dean of the Faculty of Theater Arts and Cinema; MA.Artist. Phan Quan Dung - Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design; Director, People's Artist. Dao Ba Son - Lecturer of the Faculty of Theater and Cinema Arts is a testament to the quality of the contest

Less than 1 month of launching, more than 700 contestants registered 89 works. After the Preliminary Round, 45 works with the most convincing scenarios were selected to continue to the Semi-Finals, began to organize production with the help of 5 mentors in the fields of short films, animation and produce viral clip

vlu khi nguoi tre lam phim eWorkshop "Professional film production" answered many questions about the production process, building scripts, organizing film crew

During the semifinal round (April 3rd, 2021), Van Lang Film Festival organized 3 talk shows, a workshop about Film - Television and Youth's Dream; Professional film production and Practice of acting skills, with prestigious speakers: Director, People's Artist. Dao Ba Son, Meritorious Artist. Minh Hanh, Director. Tran Minh Ngan, Director.Tran Minh Cuong, Director.Ly Minh Thang and Screenwriter Ngoc Bich. They shared practical experiences and motivated young people who were passionate about cinema.

Recently, a number of teams have been participated in crew by mentor - Director Tran Minh Ngan at the set of the film “Em trai bo duong” (Vinh Long Television). Dang Anh - contestant from GOSSIP team excitedly: “Even though I had to wake up early to be on set, I found it worth it! We have had wonderful experiences!"

vlu khi nguoi tre lam phim c

When the youth at Van Lang made movies

Be brave. Be willing to write, develop, and solve problems with all the scenario builder's knowledge and knowledge (Director, People's Artist. Dao Ba Son).

Through the scripts sent back, the questions posed by the contestants in the workshop, it can be seen that today's young people are sensitive to life and the people. Many young people are ready to express their opinions, boldness in thinking and write good scenarios, reflecting many painful problems.

While Duy Anh’s team wanted to create movie scenes about the struggle between art passion and living cost, Team Khom created a fierce struggle in a cramped brothel; or the story of the stepfather's tolerance for his stepchild - the story goes against the fairy tales but it is humane, earnest ... these thing create the common picture of Van Lang young people when engaging into art: instead of the sweetness of love stories, they blend more bitterness, acrid taste, and pungency to recreate reality in society. That is both the bravery of youth and a big challenge that youth needs to overcome.

The representative of Three of Cups - the team sent 2 works to participate in Group A and B of Van Lang Film Fest, contestant Tuong Nguyen said: “I don't think there is another school that will really put in a lot of effort, professional investment to create a unique value for its students such as Van Lang Film Fest”

Along with the support of sponsors, media companions, playgrounds of Van Lang University provided students with great and practical support in the process of making works. Quach Nghe Nhat Minh - Alumni of the Faculty of Arts and Design attended the Van Lang Film Festival with 2 works including SOLO Adventure and Hon cua long den. He thinks that this is an ideal playground for young people who are passionate about art even though having a little of guilt about experience, expertise or opportunities to access the art so they dared to commit to making their own products.

vlu khi nguoi tre lam phim d A casting session of the Van Lang Guitar Club team

In fact, the pervasiveness of the Film Fest does not stop within the student community of Van Lang, but also attracts many young talents from the University of Theater and Cinema, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoa Sen University, Ton Duc Thang University, FPT University, Hutech University and so on. With the same passion for art, they have met, got acquainted and worked together.

vlu khi nguoi tre lam phim a11th Production with members from Van Lang University, University of Theater - Cinema and Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music

Making a short movie for even a few minutes is a problem. Meanwhile, contestants of Van Lang Film Festival are young faces, do not have much experience and finance to invest in production. For each team, every frame, movie created is the best effort.

Some contestants start from a script, a writer and director. Some teams have performed many casting sessions but they have not found a suitable female lead. Each category, they have to face each different difficulty. D. Snake Team, one of the 7 groups participating in the animation category, said: “We need a fixed space to set up the scene and create characters, but the group is all provincial students so working at the same time is very difficult. We even thought of an option to contribute rentals a house near the school to implement the project. Fortunately, thanks to the management of the School Dormitory, we have a convenient location for product development. "

Participating the workshops, talkshows with experts are both knowledge sharing sessions and a warning about the difficulties for candidates when producing professional films. Truong Hoang Dat (Tires Team) said: “Listening to Mr. Son, Mr. Ngan shared, I know that I have too much in-depth knowledge. Seeing that everyone positively asks questions with diverse issues, I am more aware of the ability, the spirit of "fighting" and the careful preparation of my opponents. "

Although there are many problems, Van Lang students still persistently pursue their passions. Two boys from the Q & T team shared: “I have participated in many film-making competitions before, but most of them have a happy mentality. But participating in Van Lang Film Fest, when all the enthusiasm was poured into the script, the determination in my heart was high: This script must be received! I have to make this movie! "

Half of the way was over and a difficult half is waiting ahead. Wishing the 43 teams to compete firmly to create wonderful works which not only have individual meanings, but also bring many positive values to the community.


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