Can the female be a good engineer?

(VLU, 31/03/2021) The Faculty of Technology, formerly the Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology, is one of the leading Faculties in scientific research and international cooperation of Van Lang University. Currently, the Faculty of Technology consists of 18 lecturers, of which female lecturers account for more than 60%, including 4 graduate students, 4 doctors, and 2 associate professors.

Most of the Faculty's scientific research projects and international cooperation programs have the participation of female researchers, especially typical scientific research projects cooperating with many countries such as Netherland, Germany, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines in the fields of wastewater treatment, domestic solid waste management, recycling, waste reuse, climate change. The female lecturers of the Faculty of Technology also make a great contribution to the Faculty's achievements when guiding and accompanying students to participate in student scientific research competitions at all levels and win many high awards.

Thinking about female engineer and female scientist, many notions still appear apprehensive. However, let’s listen to some sharing from female lecturers of Faculty of Technology to understand them better!

vlu khoa cong nghe bThe female engineers and scientists of the Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University

Is Science – Technology field suitable with women?

@ Thao Nguyen, Doctor graduated in France, currently a lecturer in Faculty of Biotechnology.

I graduated as an engineer in Biotechnology from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. In my course in 2003-2008, there were only about 7 boys, the rest more than 30 were women. Currently, my female engineers are also working very successfully in factories and companies. In my opinion, men can outperform women in jobs that need enduring health such as on construction sites. With the rest of the jobs, women have traits that enable them to be successful, such as hard work, meticulousness, and ingenuity. In most fields, individuals who want to be good, want to be successful must practice many aspects, not related to many gender bases.

Advantages and disadvantages when girls study Science - Technology?

@ Thao Nguyen

I would like to answer based on my specific experience. My current job is teaching and research in the field of Biotechnology, specifically synthetic biology. Any man or woman in the teaching can do it, right? The work of experimental research, like solving a problem involves asking a problem, finding methods to solve the problem, and then doing experiments to verify and conclude. This is both intellectual work and "physical" nature because of having to go to the lab. So anything can be done by men and women? However, whoever is more patient, who is more curious, who is more meticulous, who is more diligent can survive in the profession and succeed in knocking on the door.

@ Trang Tran, Postgraduate at Wagenningen School (Netherlands), Lecturer in Environment

The advantage of girls when studying Science - Technology is that they tend to be more careful and meticulous, be able to plan in detail and perfection, and they are also easy to control their emotions in research and study. In addition, since you are female, you will dominate when designing or researching in areas where the target user is female.

Can the girls become good engineers in Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering Technology?

@ Thao Nguyen

In Biotechnology, I claim that there are many. Many female engineers develop to managerial positions in related units. There are also many female engineers who become influential scientists in a narrow field of the industry. However, most of them are silent people, so usually people don't have their information in the media.

@ Hien Ho, VLU’s Alumna of  Course 8th , Doctor of Philosophy - Kochi School of Technology (Japan), Head of Environment - Faculty of Technology.

Women have certain advantages to pursue Science and Technology. In addition, anyone needs to study hard to have a solid knowledge base, hone hard skills, soft skills and foreign languages, and increase their experience to become a good engineer in Environmental Engineering Technology.

With your own experience, now, how do you admit the position of the current the female engineer – the female scientist ?

@ Thao Nguyen

In fact, the number of female engineers and scientists is still very small compared to men. So it can be seen as a group of people that are both rare and precious, and need to be appreciated and supported. There have been many programmes that prioritize and support women with the desire to balance the gender ratio in the rare female professions.

@ Tu Nguyen, Doctor of Philosophy, Lecturer in Environmental Engineering Technology.

In my opinion, at present, there are many female engineers or scientists who not only make significant contributions to scientific research but also are good leaders. They increasingly prove their position in society as well as in the modern scientific world.

In March, on the occasion of International Women's Day, dearly send greetings and respect to the Van Lang women in general and the talented female engineers of the Faculty of Technology in particular.

Ph.D Huynh Tan Loi (interviewer)
Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University

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