15-day journey to carry out environmental projects in the Phu Quoc island

(VLU, 31/03/2021)After a turbulent year due to COVID, everyone wants to be with their families at the end of the year, but teachers and students of the Faculty of Technology choose to go through the new year in a remote place, together experience and bring practical values to the community through the project “Survey on amount and composition of plastic debris on Duong Dong River, Phu Quoc”.

From international projects ...

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Vietnam, one of the leading conservation organizations in the world, recognizes that plastic waste pollution is a very serious problem. Since 2017, reducing plastic waste has become one of the important purpose of WWF with many different approaches such as awareness raising and promoting the changing of community behavior and so on. WWF has combined with many partners from the central level such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to local partners such as authorities, communities and schools to carry out many environmental projects in nationwide.

"Survey of the amount and composition of plastic waste in Duong Dong River, Phu Quoc" is a project of the combined program between WWF and the Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University. The project is part of the Mitigating marine plastic debris in Vietnam implemented by WWF in 9 cities /provinces and coastal area with the desire to contribute to reduce plastic waste pollution through the development of policy on plastic waste management, propaganting, communicating and changing people's habits with plastic waste.

phu quoc aWith this project, the students of the Faculty of Technology fortunately are given the opportunity to become one of the members participating in research on environmental cleaning in Phu Quoc.

.. to a 15-day journey to "discover" the pearl island

The preparation for our field trip was emotional: we thrilled because when this was the first time participating in a project for an international community.  Moreover, we afraid that what it would happen if we can't do well and we proud that we have taken the Van Lang’s brand away.

On the first day on Phu Quoc Island, the members got acquainted with the staff of Urban Construction Company in Duong Dong District and understood more about the work that they are still doing everyday, collecting rubbish on the Duong Dong River. We are also taught how to collect rubbish on the river to facilitate sampling for analysis.

phu quoc g

phu quoc eDivided into small groups, we took boats and took samples along the banks of Duong Dong River.

After collecting waste, garbage will be gathered at Dinh Cau for classification. Here, plastic waste is divided into 7 different categories: PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PVC and the others. After sorting, each type of plastic is carried out to determine the weight, the source, speed and composition of plastic waste on Duong Dong River, as well as It is estimated the amount of plastic waste released into the sea through river door.

The identification of plastic waste and river systems will contribute to explain the origin and determine the composition of microplastics - one of the issues is concerned by the world recently. The results of the project will contribute to solutions to handle solid waste in general, plastic waste in particular and protect marine biodiversity in Vietnam.

As a student and alumnus Environmental Technology at Van Lang University, I am always proud of having many opportunities to handle the large of environmental projects, contributing practical values to society.

Truong Ngoc Minh Thu
Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University

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