Van Lang University joining hands for the community: A meaningful trip in early spring 2021

(VLU - February 5, 2021) Following the success of the program "Joining hands for the community 2020", from January 8, 2021, the Youth Union of Van Lang University launched the movement Joining hands for community to bring a warmer Tet season for many people. The result of the activity is the trip for the community on January 29, 2021, bringing valuable gifts to the Angel's Shelter and Vinh Son Nursing Home.

On January 29, 2021, Van Lang University finished a charity trip "Joining hands for the community" at Angel Shelter (No. 03, Street 1, Ong Nhieu Quarter, Long Truong Ward, District 9) and Vinh Son Nursing home (No. 469 Binh Loi, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District).

Gathering from the early morning, representatives of Youth Union, Student Support Center and volunteers went together to the Angel Shelter, where 98 orphans are currently grown up. At the Angel home, the children are cared for and loved by the nannies and godfather - Mr. Bui Cong Hiep (60 years old), the owner of the house and the person who gave his own land to build a big house for the children who have never known their parents.

vlu joining hands for the community aThe Youth Union of Van Lang University, Student Support Center and the volunteers organized a visit and gave gifts to the children at the Angel Shelter.

The team visited and gave valuable gifts including diapers, milk, clothes, toys, donations and lucky money to members of the home, hoping that the family here will bring a warmer new year for kids who lack love.

vlu joining hands for the community bMr. Dinh Xuan Toa, Director of the Student Support Center, representatives of the team giving gifts, cakes and money to the Angel Shelter.

vlu joining hands for the community cAngel Shelter is currently home to 98 orphans

Continuing the journey, the group moved to Vinh Son Nursing Home. Located on a land of more than 1,200 square meters on the Saigon River, this place is the big house of 105 lonely old men and "reunited in love" - ​​the big words that visitors will see first on the walls of the home.

vlu joining hands for the community dVan Lang volunteers brought gifts and cakes to Vinh Son Nursing Home

At this place, the members of the team organized exchange activities, welcoming the spring, sending greetings and giving gifts to old people and grandparents. With no relatives, no home, Vinh Son Nursing Home is the place to take care of the elderly in the last years of their lives.

vlu joining hands for the community fVolunteers organize exchange activities and meetings in early spring with the lonely elderly at Vinh Son Nursing Home.

vlu joining hands for the community gAt the end of life without any relatives, Vinh Son is the home for the elders to rest.

The trip closed the activities of Joining hands for the community in 2021, continuing the success of a series of activities within the framework of the 2020 program every year, towards the community, bringing a warmer Tet season for difficult circumstances in society.

Up to now, Van Lang University is one of the most active universities in volunteer activities, community activities, connecting the participation of all staff - lecturers - and students and positively inspires the society.

Written by Hong Ngan
Photo: Van Lang Youth Union
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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