VLU works with The Lyricíst dance group to spread beautiful values

(VLU - January 17, 2021)"The enthusiasm and vibrant spirit of the students makes artists like me feel “cool", the moments of coming to Van Lang University for the first time have stuck with me a lot, that's why I and Lyricíst chose VLU to perform The Verse 2020 ”- Artist Alexander Tu, grandson-in-law of Trinh Cong Son musician, famous dance leader of The Lyricíst said.

With the desire to bring new perspectives to young people and the community about dance, together with dance to create value to society, artist Alexander Tu and dance group Lyricíst regularly perform a series of artistic activities, typically THE VERSE. This year, Alexander Tu chose Trinh Cong Son Hall - Van Lang University as the destination to create and spread beautiful values ​​from dance, raising funds for Trinh Cong Son Scholarship for talented young artists and fundraising to support the Central of Vietnam.

Alexander Tu is a Ph.D in Physiotherapist and an international choreographer with nearly 20 years of experience, co-founder of the Dance Department, and SMPA Performing Arts Training Program Director.

Alex is famous when choreographing the products of many famous domestic and international artists such as Jessica Reynoso, RedOne, Shaggy, Enrique I, Rock City, Thanh Bui, Ho Ngoc Ha, Hoang Thuy Linh, ...

Over the past years, Alexander Tu has been active in Vietnam through the programs such as Vietnam The World Tour (2010 - 2013), Charming Vietnam 26 (2014), judge of the TV program of the Star Academy in the first season, the special guest in Challenge with dance,...

the verse bbArtist Alexander Tu at THE VERSE inspires students

Talking about THE VERSE, people often think of competitions between professional dancers, but with THE VERSE in Van Lang University, Alexander Tu and Lyricíst want to create a playground for students to exchange and show their talent, let young people use art together to create good values ​​and contribute to society.

the verse zcLyricíst dance group with the passionate performance sparked the spirit of love for art for the young of Van Lang University

THE VERSE takes place throughout 4 days 14,15,16,17/01/2021 at Trinh Cong Son Hall, with 10 workshops with professional choreographers and choreographers in the fields (hip hop, jazz,... ). In particular, THE VERSE offers VLU's students 3 free workshops by choreographers from Lyricíst. The activity attracted nearly 100 VLU's students who love art in general and dance in particular.

the verse aDancer Cuong Seven participated in a workshop and interacting with Van Lang University's students.

the verse zdVLU's students participated in the workshop of THE VERSE

"The enthusiasm and the spirit of excitement makes artists like me feel "cool" and the moments of coming to Van Lang University for the first time have stuck with me a lot, that's why I and Lyricíst chose VLU to perform The Verse this time "- Artist Alexander Tu said.

the verse zeAlexander Tu with the Lyricíst Dance Team and the students after helpful workshop hours

The most outstanding highlight of THE VERSE is the closing music night after the workshop - Super show series on the evening of January 17, making the entire Cong Son Hall with more than 1,500 people. The Verse showcase night gathered a group of professional dance artists and groups such as: Rapper Suboi, Ha Le, Dancer Cuong Seven, Little LYRICÍST, The Slowing Growth, BIG BOOM Dance Team, LIFEDANCE, Tricking Saigon, THENEXTDOOR, IU ArTeam,... caused the whole Hall to explode. The CDs Crew student dance group of Van Lang University is also honored to perform with the big names in Vietnam.

the verse nThe CDs Crew dance group of Van Lang University set fire to the Trinh Cong Son stage in the closing show

the verse x The CDs Crew dance group of Van Lang University set fire to the Trinh Cong Son stage in the closing show

the verse mDancer Cuong Seven creates a special charm because of his handsome appearance and professional performance

the verse t Ha Le's performance rocked the Trinh Cong Son Hall

Some pictures of the grand music party on The Verse's closing night:


After the music night "Connecting big arms" in September 2019, artist Alexander Tu returned to Van Lang University with THE VERSE for the second time. Hopefully VLU's students will continue to welcome him on another special occasion to spread beautiful values ​​together, creating positive inspiration for the community.

To the students of Van Lang who love art:
"I also used to be a student, there have been days when going to school, studying and pursuing a passion for dancing, there was both difficulties and challenges, but when you love it, just go ahead and pursue it, art is very magical. The more you understand, the more you will love, the more you want to go with it." - Alexander Tu said.

Written: Hoai An
Photo: Dang Anh, Thinh Tran, The Lyricíst
Translated: Oanh Doan

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