2021 New Year gifts to students, lecturers and staff of Van Lang University

(VLU - Feb 2, 2021) - With the Lunar New Year coming, Van Lang University organized nearly 15,000 Tet gifts for students before they returned home to reunite with their family for Tet and nearly 2,000 Tet gifts to staff, lecturers and partners of Van Lang University.

As a tradition for every lunar new year, Van Lang University gives their staff, lecturers, students and families small gifts as New Year wishes such as Spring calendar, notebook, new year cards, lucky money, etc.

From 20th to 30th January 2021, Van Lang University has completed the Spring gifting week for students at 2 campuses (Campus 1 and Campus 3). Nearly 15,000 gifts were handed to students studying at the University, especially students of the 26th course.

vlu 15000 gilf Tet b

Tan Suu 2021, with the message "Tet reunites Van Lang", Van Lang University has released an exclusive Tet gift combo including the School's New Year Greeting Cards and 20 "luxury” lucky money envelopes. Van Lang's exclusive Tet gifts are not only "hot" for students, but also loved and enthusiastically welcomed by lecturers, staff and partners of Van Lang University.

vlu 15000 gilf Tet a

Dinh Trong Nguyen - Student Course 25th (Faculty of Commerce) shared: “The first time I held the presents, I was surprised because the lucky money was so beautiful. A bright red color with a prominent school logo on the red packets. Then the New Year wishes from the School Board, I feel very happy to receive the simple but warm wishes from the teachers. This Tet, I will pass this lucky money to my parents both to celebrate the age of everyone and to show off the lucky red packets made by Vlers”.

As one of the students participating in supporting the school to give Tet gifts to students, Le Tuong Vi (class 26, Faculty of Finance - Banking) said that she was very happy to help prepare the gifts and carefully gave it to everyone before they returned home. There were days when the students were crowded but the printer could not deliver the red packets in time. We therefore prioritized those who are far away so they can get on the bus on time. I am very happy that I was able to hand the gifts to them, brought greetings and best wishes to VLU's family.

vlu 15000 gilf Tet c

When Tet gifts just "arrived", many students eagerly received gifts and created a trend to show off their lucky money on social networks, making the Van Lang community "laugh". Students posted pictures of the lucky money with a few thousand dong or a million dong or even expensive gifts such as Iphone 11 Promax, ATM cards. Although we know lucky money was created by them to "troll" their friends, this "trick" has helped VLU student be very happy in the days before Tet, before returning home.

Also in the Tet series in 2021, Van Lang University decorated Tet mini-scenes at 3 campuses, illustrate Van Lang's characteristic colors, so that students and teachers could take advantage of check- in "spring tour" right at the school with Van Lang family, gather together to bond friendship before returning to reunite with families in all parts of the country.

A new spring has returned, bringing all the excitement and the hustle to prepare for the New Year of VLU. A year of efforts of both teachers and students at VLU has passed. We hope that each new Spring season will be a happy season in VLU, recording new and unique imprints created by the people of VLU and only at VLU.

Tet reunites Van Lang is not just a slogan, but also a message that brings a lot of hope for something new in the future. It is the will to connect the strong spirit and the strength of the Van Lang community in the year of Tan Suu 2021.

News: Le My
Photos: Trung Nghia, Minh Phuong
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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