Introducing the Hat Boi (Vietnamese Opera) to Van Lang University's students

(Van Lang, Jan 20, 2021) - On January 20, 2021, the Faculty of Theatre and Film Arts (FTFA) in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City Theatre of Hat Boi organized a show to introduce the Art of “Hat Boi” to VLU students.

With throughout support from HCMC Theatre of Hat Boi, VLU’s FTFA had co-organized a show to introduce The Art of “Hat Boi” to VLU students. The program aimed to introduce an experiencing opportunity for VLU students and contribute to the preservation and inheritant of Vietnamese traditional theatrical arts to the younger generations.

Mr. Vo Ho Hoang Vu – Deputy Managing Director of HCMC Theatre of Hat Boi and the guest speaker – meritorious artist Huu Danh had administered, shared, and instructed VLU students to get acquainted with the nationally distinctive art of “Hat Boi.”

vlu hat boi aThe opening performance of "Nhat Nguyet Bat Thien Vuong" – a dance adapted from the ancient royal rituals to give offering to the heaven and earth, wish for favorable weather and national peace and a well-rounded success for Van Lang University.

In this show, the guest speacker – meritorious artist Huu Danh introduced the origin and development of the art form of “Hat Boi” for VLU lecturers and students.

Nowadays, although the troupes could not offer regular performing schedules like that of their golden age, Hat Boi still plays an important role in community’s cultural activities in the southern regions. Hat Boi is also considered an art form with spiritual values and straits.

vlu hat boi bAn act from “Ta On Dinh cuts down Khuong Linh Ta” play with the performance of Hat Boi artist Dong Ho, Bao Chau, Linh Khuong and Hoang Tuan.

vlu hat boi dAct “Ba Huyen danh ghen” (a part of “Ngao So Oc Hen” play) with the performance of Hat Boi artists Hoang Ha, Loan Thanh, Hoang Tuan.

Once every act ended, the guest speaker – meritorious artist Huu Danh explained the meaning of the masks used, the unique theatre conventions and literatures in Hat Boi. 

vlu hat boi fVLU students tried out the roles in Hat Boi such as choreography, voice and laughter auditions.

The closing performance was a historical act “Tran Binh Trong commits honor suicide” with the performance of Hat Boi artists Xuan Quang, Thanh Binh, Minh Khuong, Hoang Tuan, Ngoc Giau and other actors of HCMC Theatre of Hat Boi. 

vlu hat boi jHistorical act “Tran Binh Trong commits honor suicide”

vlu hat boi k The message that the show would like to convey to the audience in. (Sentence on the banners: “Embracing Hat Boi to spare your love to the traditions”)

vlu hat boi lVLU’s administrators gifted HCMC Theatre of Hat Boi’s artists with beautiful bouquets.

vlu hat boi mThe opportunities to meet and hear from the well-known artists, especially Hat Boi performers, would help student dedicate more appreciations for the tradional value.

Reporter: Nguyen Trung Nghia
Photographer: Minh Phuong
Translated by: Pham Vu Thien An

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