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(VLU -  December 21, 2020) - On December 21, the news channel VanLang News - an online communication project of the Student Communication Subcommittee of Van Lang University was officially released on the social networking platform Facebook.

News channel VANLANG NEWS is a project in the plan of promoting the communication of VLU's activities through the Student Communication Subcommittee - a community that has been launched since late October 2020, under the Department of Admissions & Communications.

"With the slogan "By VLers For VLers - to write valuable stories at VLU every day", the VanLang News Fanpage is oriented in the form of an online community newspaper that updates event news from school level to faculty level; activities, student life, is a bridge connecting the University - students.

vlu vanlangnew abVanLang News is the community newspaper of Van Lang University's students.

With diverse forms of presentation: articles, images, videos, content structure of VanLang News Channel include:

  • News: constantly updating school-level events; faculty level; activities; daily student life.
  • Students ask - Van Lang answers: VanLang News will be a bridge between students and the University to provide accurate information on issues that are of interest to many students (on Thursday weekly). It contributes to creating a culture of healthy dialogue between students and VLU on social networking platforms.
  • VLBIZ: update stories, videos, entertaining images in school life at Van Lang University (on Friday).
  • Lac Review video series: trendy review video activities last week in Van Lang University (Sunday / Monday)

The "debut" video of VanLang News news channel in a trendy and humorous style received a very positive response from the Van Lang student community.

Up to this point, the VanLang News channel has been officially "on air" for 1 week and has received many positive feedback from the Van Lang community, more than 2,300 followers, 30 news articles, 60,000 people close to and nearly 15,000 interactions.

vlu vanlangnew eWith a youthful and humorous style, Vanlang News articles always attract and receive a lot of support from Van Lang community.

Incubating the project since November 2020, the core force implementing the VanLang News project includes Admissions and Communication Department with the role of guiding, promoting and organizing the project implementation; the Student Communication Committee with a network of collaborators at all levels (School, Faculty, Club ...) is actively organizing news from all "corners" of Van Lang University.

vlu vanlangnew f

vlu vanlangnew gThe dynamic and enthusiastic student state forces always accompany VanLang News to build diverse and creative content to send to Van Lang community.

VanLang News continues to look for new factors to expand the deployment network and develop content. All students (and staff - lecturers - staff) of Van Lang University can collaborate to send information and news articles / products to VanLang News via the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Be a bridge for the community to draw colorful moving pictures each day in VLU.

News: Thanh Tien
Translated by: Oanh Tran
Photos, videos: Admissions and Communications

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