Opportunities for students to study and work in Germany in the field of Nursing

(VLU - December 22, 2020) - On December 22, 2020, the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Engineering had an online meeting with the Vietnam Association for Women and Youth in Germany (Vifi) and 7 universities, college about cooperation between Germany and Vietnam.

This is a project to transfer nursing training program and free online German language for Vietnamese students wishing to work in Germany. The project has been planned since early 2020 by the Augusta Institute in cooperation with the Vietnam Association for Women and Youth in Germany (Vifi) to implement at Vietnamese universities and colleges.

study work Germany aThe representatives of Van Lang University participated in the second online meeting with German partners and Vietnamese universities and colleges discussing the training program implementation plan.

study work Germany bVietnam Association for Women and Youth in Germany (Vifi) and 7 Vietnamese universities and colleges met online to discuss the transfer of training programs.

Expected corporation program between Germany and Vietnam:

1. Transfer the nursing training program in Germany to the Vietnamese and the nursing training in Vietnam according to the standard German curriculum.

As soon as the training program according to the German curriculum is applied in Vietnam, graduates can work in Germany after 3 years with the following conditions: students learn German online until they have B1 degree; the trainees were supported by Vifi, German partner, in visa application procedures to Germany.

2. It is expected that the program can recruit 3rd year students with B1 certificate to Germany to support nursing care and study for practicing certificate in Germany. During the next 1-year training in Germany, the students are trained to prepare for their job in Nursing and learn German up to the B2 level.

study work Germany fOn 04 December 2020, the parties had the first agenda to exchange about the project, focusing on the content of skilled labor and exchange of education (German educational degrees).

On December 22, 2020, at the second meeting of the Project, the units revolved around the content: Augusta Academy cooperated with Vifi to provide Vietnamese partners with German textbooks and lesson plans to deploy training according to German standards in Vietnam before going to Germany to study and work. The curriculum will be handed over to each school in charge of translating 1-2 chapters. Van Lang University is the unit that gathers documents from the schools after translation for editing and sending to Vifi, expected to be completed by the end of January 2021. Vifi will hand over materials to schools for instructional use.

In addition, Van Lang University also proposed to set up a signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding on the transfer of training programs on aged care and free online German courses of German partners with schools on the Vietnamese side and have been unanimously agreed by all parties.

The project to hand over the German partner's free online German course and aged care training program promises to open many attractive opportunities for VLU in general and for Nursing students in particular.

News & photos: Thanh Tien
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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