NEON Triumphal 2020 by PR Faculty's students: Chorus of triumphs

(VLU - December 21, 2020) - On the evening of December 20, 2020, students of the Faculty of Public Relations & Communication successfully and brilliantly held the NEON 2020 Concert Night - Triumphal, at the Trinh Cong Son Hall - Campus 3, Van Lang University.

This is the eighth year that the NEON program has been organized by the PR student under the name of TRIUMPHAL for NEON 2020 - Triumphal chorus, evoking the majestic melodies that gentlemen and ladies often use to honor their great victory. This creative idea received great support from PR students.

vlu neon triumphal 2020 cThe performance of the students of the Faculty of Public Relations & Communication was a song written by PR students themselves.

NEON Triumphal 2020 is inspired by the volatile 2020 itself, bringing the audience to explore the intricate human world, especially in the face of adjacent events.

vlu neon triumphal 2020 dThe play by students of 23rd Term of VLU's PR Faculty was about the hidden corner behind the flashy parties.

vlu neon triumphal 2020 mThe performance about racism, discrimination, trampling and mutual destruction, with the question unraveling: "Are people really honest?"

vlu neon triumphal 2020 fThe audience is pushed to a climax when witnessing the cruel price that people receive from nature. The most chaotic times are also the times when selfishness binds people the most, they cannot share love and seek sympathy from the world around them.

vlu neon triumphal 2020 gThe spectacular Model show about the relentless struggle between good and evil

After all, joy has returned to the harmonious human life. They have found the answer for themselves and are given the chance to be reborn in new life on Earth by nature.

vlu neon triumphal 2020 k

All the performances led the audience through each emotional stage on the stage of NEON Triumphal 2020, not only satisfied with the view but also attracted to the content and message of the show.

vlu neon triumphal 2020 l

With all Public Relations & Communication Faculty's students and alumni studying at Van Lang University, those moments brounght a belief: belief in PR, belief in spirit and love that generations have kept, preserved and promoted: PR student spirit - "Talk much Do much United" - forever burning and shining.

News: Ngoc Minh
Photos: Trang Gia Phuc
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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