"TITAN" 2020 – New Age's Dawn by VLU's Faculty of Commerce students

(VLU03 December 2020)On 02 December 2020, the Faculty of Commerce's special event – TITAN 2020 had taken place at Trinh Cong Son Conference Hall in VLU Campus 3. All the contemporary colors and materials had given significant impressions to the students and lecturers.

"TITAN" has never been an adjective to describe only the scale, but also the word to indicate those with the great mind and innovative ideas to contribute to the extraordinary development of the human race. To illustrate its rich meaning, the event organizer took the inspiration from Frida Kahlo – the woman whose hair was braided into a crown and was decorated with the colorful flowers representing the bright mind – to design the logo and stage. 

"TITAN" is also the abbreviation of "Titanium," which is among the most rigid metal. These are the core qualities of the Faculty of Commerce's students: perseveration, brave, wise, significantly creativity, and determination.

vlu titan a

The Opening of TITAN

The TITANs concealed themselves and dedicated their youth and compassion to pursue a high and mighty mission – delivering the best of humanity to the next generations. In terms of the Faculty of Commerce's TITAN event, the organizer would like to convey a meaningful metaphor: the hidden TITANs were no other than the Faculty of Commerce's lecturers and Van Lang University.

vlu titan bThe students from TITAN 2020's organizing board performed the song "The brightest days" to display the appreciation for the Faculty of Commerce's hidden TITANs.

vlu titan cFaculty of Commerce students gave their hand-crafted greeting cards filled with loving wishes to their lecturers.

The ceremony closed with the appreciation session, where all the lecturers and students of the Faculty of Commerce enjoyed the musical dramas. 

Here are some of the best performance in TITAN:


vlu titan dvlu titan d

vlu titan evlu titan evlu titan e

vlu titan kvlu titan kThe exciting closing ceremony was the music mixing performance by DJ BI Twenty.

Some of the beautiful footages at TITAN 2020

vlu titan lvlu titan lvlu titan lvlu titan lvlu titan l
TITAN 2020 was an important milestone to mark the comeback of VLU's Faculty of Commerce special event, aiming for a bonding and meaningful night for the lecturers and students. Thanks to all the contributing students, the Faculty had built up a new "TITAN" age. We all hope for brighter and maturer "TITANs" soon.

Nguyen Ha Yen Nhi – Chief of TITAN 2020 organizing board
Photographer: Van Lang Photographers
Translateb by: Pham Vu Thien An

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