Students of Healthcare Faculties displayed talents for making 20/11 greeting cards

(VLU - September 20, 2020) - To celebrate the Vietnamese Teacher's Day – 20/11, the Faculties of Nursing and Medical Technique, Pharmacy, Dentistry of Van Lang University had held the greeting card making contest and attracted many creative and unique products.

This contest was held by the healthcare faculties' youth union, which commenced from 09 to 20 November 2020. The students drafted ideas and hand-crafted all the greeting cards to send their teachers' best wishes on 20 November. There were 38 participating products, including the ones with unique and sweet ones from the students and groups of course 24 to 26.

vlu making greeting cards38 greeting cards with meaningful wishes from Healthcare students to their teachers on 20 November

"Teaching has always been the noblest and most respected profession in society. We would wish for your health and happiness so that you could keep on guiding us in our study."

"No kite could fly without wind; no tree could bear fruit without the sunshine, and no student could gain success without teachers."

"To our dear teachers, we all have a strong belief that you will always be caring guiders now and in the future."

These wishes were dedicated by the students of the faculties of Nursing and Medical Technique, Pharmacy, and Dentistry to their teachers on the Vietnamese Teacher's Day on 20 November. Those wishes had been materialized in their very own hand-crafted greeting cards.

"For every year of guiding us on the studying journey, you will age a bit more, but we truly hope that you will always maintain your health to keep on helping the next generations as you helped us."

What the students of the three faculties had done proved that they were not only enthusiastic students but also such sentimental ones. Their love and appreciation for their teachers had been warmly displayed in their greeting cards. The diversified patterns, colors, and even the decorations of flowers, teacher and Van Lang University's portrait, the iconic white blouses on the 38 greeting cards were truthfully beautiful images of the respect and love of generations of VLU's students for their teachers.

vlu making greeting cardszgThe students of class K24XN1 even made a miniature model of VLU Campus 2 and gifted their teachers a handbook of loving words.

This activity was only one among many beautiful events of VLU to honor the day of the dedicating teachers.


Reporter: Thanh Tien
Photograher: Tran Thinh
Translated by: Pham Vu Thien An

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