Students’ art work dedicating to the people in Central areas displayed at the Final project exhibition

(VLU - September 10, 2020)On 15 November, the students of course 26 had displayed their first product at the Final project exhibition for the Arts and Design students at the Students’ Cultural Hall. Among seven participating products, this was the only one made by first-year students. Moreover, this product was to sympathize with the damages caused by the consecutive storms, which recently hit the central areas.

In the last two weeks, Tran Thuy My Dung, Chung Quoc Thang, Vu Nguyen Truong Trinh, who are the course-26 students of Industrial Design from the Faculty of Arts and Design, had sit by at the art-shaping workshop in order to create the most perfect product. This activity was dedicated to help the students create their own passional piece of art, which would be displayed at the Final project exhibition for the Arts and Design students on 15 November at the Students’ Cultural Hall.

vlu project exhibitionDr. Do Anh Tuan – Head of Industrial Design Major from VLU instructed course-26 students to build their products

Sympathizing with the damages caused by the consecutive storms to hit the central areas recently, My Dung, Quoc Thang, Truong Trinh and other students had built a topical and meaningful product to encourage the affected people there.

vlu project exhibitionbThe hands covered in plaster during the sessions at the workshops

Thanks to the students’ skillful hands and the instructions of Dr. Do Anh Tuan, the plaster-made piece of art was formed beautifully. The curves represent the waves which are both poetically flawless and menacing. The students used this icon to display the condolences for the pains and losses. The thin white lines act for the joint hands to prevent the waves and restrain mother nature’s anger.

vlu project exhibitioneThe final work which was displayed at the exhibition.

Quoc Thang, My Dung and Truong Chinh were the students of Industrial Design Major. They might have different lives but all shared the same passion to arts. During the process of making the art work, they all learnt a lot about persistence and determination to live up to their lives’ goals.

The work still does not have an official name, but the students are working on it. However, the current most potential name is “Crying Waves”.


Reporter: Hong Ngan
Photographer: My Dung – Quoc Thang – Truong Chinh

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