Van Lang University and SaigonFC visited Thien An Home for special needs children

(VLU - September 23, 2020) - On 20 September 2020, Van Lang University’s student representatives and Saigon Football Club had organized a friendly session with the children at Thien An home for special needs children (Tan Phu District, HCMC).

Founded in 1999 at Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu District, Hochiminh City, by priest candidate Nguyen Quoc Phong, Thien An home for special needs children is a social welfare establishment for blinded children in need of education and training for living skills. Visiting the place, the member of SaigonFC and VLU’s student representatives were touched by the optimistic, strong-willed, and bonding atmosphere there. Currently, the home had four students at the undergraduate level as well as many other children who were studying at local primary and high schools. 

vlu saigon fc social activity aThe friendly and heart-warming sessions among Thien An home’s children of VLU’s student representatives and members of SaigonFC.

During the session, the children sang many beautiful songs for both VLU’s representatives and members of SaigonFC. Dang performed the affecting song “Dao lam con” (To be pious), Phan Khuong Nghi – 5-year-old – sang the timeless song “Ben Thuong Hai” (theme song of The Bund C-drama in 1980) and especially the smooth collaboration between the secretary of VLU’s labor union – Mr. Chau Thoai Ve and Truc Linh in the performance of the song “Chim trang mo coi” (Orphanage stork)… Also at the same session Nguyen Van Bau – junior student of Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music – gave a mellow flute performance. Bau then performed the song “Tren duong chien thang” (Road to victory) to congratulate SaigonFC for the leading place after 11 matches at V-league and wished all the bests in both Vietnamese and English for local and foreign players of the club.

vlu saigon fc social activity bNguyen Van Bau performed “Tren duong chien thang” song.

The Sunday session was full of laughter, joy, and affection from the stories of the children themself. Despite the disability, some blind children still kept track of the progress of SaigonFC just by hearing the live broadcasts. Some of them even knew that the football player Le Quoc Phuong had had the “Mohican” hairstyle and wanted to touch it. It was also surprising that a child was taken to the football match by his brother just to enjoy the intense atmosphere of a real game.

vlu saigon fc social activity c VLU and SaigonFC’s representatives give away the gifts for the child at Thien An home.

The 90-minute visit ended with a song named “Ruoc den thang tam” (Mid-Autumn lantern parade). VLU had donated 5,000,000 VND for the home and 35 gifts consisted of sweet, moon cake, and a small fund of 500,000 VND for each child. VLU hoped this humble act could encourage the children to overcome the challenges ahead because that was the most meaningful thing, which VLU’s faculties, staff, students, and members of SaigonFC aimed for when organizing charity activities like this. We do hope that the staff and children at Thien An home will always keep their inspiration, optimism, and determination in building a better world.

Written by Hoai Anh
Translated by Pham Vu Thien An


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