Booming with impressive project of 23rd term students in Fashion Design at Van Lang University

(VLU - September 17, 2020) - On the morning of September 17, 2020, more than 60 students of term 23, Fashion Design Major, Van Lang University created a unique fashion show, leaving many impressions for the audience, with highly - appreciated works both in terms of ideas and technical expertise.

In the hope of bringing a learning environment closest to the actual profession, giving students the opportunity to experience and develop in all aspects from professional knowledge to career skills, Fashion Design major always focuses on organizing project grading sessions in the form of a real fashion show in each graduate project for students.

This "Fashion Show" is the evaluation of the Art Costume Design (Impressive Project) of the 23th term students with the theme "Fashion is a visual language". This is the only project during studying at Van Lang University that the Fashion Design students do not have to focus on the customers, instead of emphasizing the artistic nature, allowing students to freely show the views of personal visual art aesthetic in fashion language. Thereby, students improve their ability to think about topics that are both suitable for their strengths and preferences, while creating a unique fashion impression in the hearts of viewers, improving their design skills from presentation, color coordination, form creation, ... perfecting their professional capabilities.

“There are many students who have made a lot of progress in implementing both their own design processes and methods without depending on the work, the machine,... They have mastered to learn design thinking, many artworks are very good at the design process, demonstrating design philosophy, point of view as well as social perception; especially, some trends appeared, did not go into the old path, did not describe the topic. Personally, and I always hope that students will find their own design method to create by method. This project, I think it is successful because you have done it. "- M.A Nguyen Vu Cam Ly, instructor of 23rd term students of Fashion Design said.

vlu project fashion design aThe lecturers of Fashion Design enthusiastically give comments and suggestions for students to improve their artwork.

The project judging session has the participation of more than 60 works that are seriously prepared with many unique and creative ideas.

vlu project fashion design kvlu project fashion design k"Vung Tau" by Nguyen Vu Long depicts the works of typical childhood sea features: shells, handicrafts, ...vlu project fashion design kInspired by the familiar hammock, Khai Tam designs simple yet impressive color costumesvlu project fashion design kThe work created from daily life observations like Fish Market has received high appreciation in colors solutions, impressive forms, ...

At the evaluation of impressive project, many conceptual topics reflecting hot issues in society were highly appreciated by the jury.

vlu project fashion design k”Orphanage" by Tran Ngo Nghia Nhan talks about the children's dreams of family, being symbolized by the arrangement of hearts, houses, ...vlu project fashion design k"Social anxiety syndrome" of Duy Trinh brought the message of promoting the spirit of struggle instead of silently enduring social criticism.vlu project fashion design kPhan Thuy Van Anh reflects the social frameworks that bind people, each circle on the outfit represents a burden on people in modern life.

vlu project fashion design kWith the design rated as one of the most impressive works from performance, scale to implementation concept, Nguyen Hung Bao has portrayed the most deadly stage of birth, struggling with sickness in an operating room with its fashion design ideas and thinking.

Although this year's "Fashion Show" has more projects than previous years, the organization and quality of the projects are still carefully taken in consideration, meticulously and highly appreciated. Above all, this has shown the progress and maturity of the students in their outlook on social life as well as their professional knowledge and skills.

Tuan Tran, designer and lecturer who instructed students to implement the project is quite surprised: “You bring a lot of ideas, the choice of topics is very diverse, from works depicting real images to conceptual topics and social statements. That is your creativity as well as your adventure, although there are some overwhelming topics, but for me, students should have such ideas and spirit. From the works, I see you already know how to express your ideas on costumes and convey it into the language of fashion. Hopefully in the following years, the students in the next generations can find themselves new directions, new ideas or have new ways of expressing themselves more clearly."

Quach Dac Thang, Designer - Impression Project Instructor highly appreciated this: “Compared with previous years, the challenge in this project is much higher. Many of them have selected highly challenging topics, this is not only a foundation for the following generations to have better experience but also a motivation for you to confidently choose your topic and believe in the possibility of making such products."

Some pictures at the evaluation of Impressive Project of the 23rd term of Fashion Design at Van Lang University

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Written by: Thanh Tien
Photo: Minh Phuong
Translated by Oanh Doan

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