Van Lang student won the Vietnamese Champion of Adobe Certified Associate Championship (ACAWC) 2020

(Van Lang, August 15, 2020) - Overcoming a series of candidates from nearly 30 teams across the country, Nguyen Duc Hoang (Graphic Design - Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, Van Lang University) has excellently become the National Champion of Group A (groups of university, academy) of the World Graphic Design Championship 2020 (Adobe Certified Associate World Championship - ACAWC 2020). Hoang will represent Vietnam to attend the world finals in 2021.

The Adobe Certified Associate World Championship 2020 held in Vietnam by HG Vietnam Education Organization - National representative of Certiport (USA), co-organized with Central Youth Union, Ministry of Labor - War Invalids, and Social Affairs. Nguyen Duc Hoang will officially become one of the three elite representatives of Vietnam to compete with international representatives at the ACAWC World Finals in Orlando, Florida, USA, during 2021.

Vietnamese Champion 

vlu student won the acawc

Full name: Nguyen Duc Hoang
D.O.B: 15 September 1999
Student of Fine Arts and Design Faculty, majoring in Graphic Design
Hobbies: Reading, folding Origami
Color for himself: blue (most projects and clothes are blue)

Journey to the destination

Nguyen Duc Hoang knew about ACAWC 2020 through the announcement at Van Lang University. Held for the first time in 2018, the ACAWC World Graphic Design Championship is a prestigious international competition, which has attracted thousands of contestants from approximately 70 countries around the world. ACAWC is a playground for young people who are passionate about design and aspire to exchange and learn like Duc Hoang in the industry.

This award is the result of Hoang's preparation and continuous effort in studying. With any design, Hoang always puts time and effort into researching the most trending style and color, then finalizing the plan to bring the best results. Duc Hoang excitedly shared: "As for this exercise, it took me a total of 5 hours to complete, mainly because of the layout. The idea was already in my mind. I chose lava red, the trend color of the year, and combined it with blue to create a strong and youthful contrast. Although there are still some sub-elements that are not satisfied, the image and color of the work make me quite satisfied."

vlu student won the acawc bNguyen Duc Hoang's National Final round contest (Thread: Design a poster, a banner, an avatar for the TOEIC test of IIG Vietnam)

Preparation to reach out to the sea

Talking about the World Finals scheduled in the coming 2021, United States, the boy in Graphic Design Van Lang laughed: "I am quite optimistic, so I do not worry when confronted with international representatives. However, you must also prepare your strategy! One of the most important things about design, in my opinion, is to capture the trends or the mentality of the examiner. This is why, besides constantly trying to improve my professional skills, I will also refer to more design trends at the time to be able to create interesting and close to the most realistic ideas."

vlu student won the acawc c

Van Lang always stand by you

Regarding the story about Graphic Design at Van Lang University, ACAWC 2020 Champion said that he has been interested in painting since he was in middle school. Still, only when Duc Hoang met and was inspired by an artist, combined with his research and advice from those around him, he decided to choose to pursue Graphic Design at Van Lang University. Having spent three years at VLU, Duc Hoang summarizes: "Our lecturers are very friendly and close to students. Van Lang's Graphic Design Major focuses on brand identity, packaging, interactive media graphics, exploitation of ancient capital, etc., very rich and powerful compared to many universities of fine arts."

vlu student won the acawc dAlong with the Champion of the National Finals of the World Graphic Design Competition in 2020, Nguyen Duc Hoang was honored to receive the "Creative Youth" badge from the Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

Congratulations, once again, on your success Nguyen Duc Hoang - Faculty of Fine Arts & Design at Van Lang University! Hopefully, more achievements will come to you, and your journey to the upcoming international arena will take place very well!

Lesson: Hoai Anh
Photo: Nguyen Duc Hoang
Translated by: Pham Vu Thien An

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