Former student Van Lang: The chrysanthemum blow Vietnamese soul into the Sa Dec restaurant in Germany

(Van Lang, July 31, 2020) - A pure Vietnamese restaurant featuring Sa Dec cuisine has just launched in Hamburg, Germany, with an identity done by graphic designer Lai Nguyen Tin - Graphic Design Alumni of the 18th Course at Van Lang University.

Stemming from the desire to bring Sa Dec cuisine closer to Hamburg, the owner decided to open a purely Vietnamese restaurant regarding cuisine, furniture to graphics. Lai Nguyen Tin did breathe his soul into a visual identity to bring the authentic Sa Dec vibe. 

vlu student decor restaurant Germany a

Sa Dec is a city in Dong Thap province, Mekong Delta. It is one of the major trading areas in the South of Vietnam. After learning various images of Sa-Dec, from the craft village, people, and nature, the designer has selected the chrysanthemum image, a unique symbolism of human spirit. Also, it is the highest-income village in Sa Dec.

The project was inspired by the image of Vietnam in the so-called Indochine era. So, from typography to visual imagery, all have been tailored to evoke old times. Patterns on business cards, pictures, even restaurant tiles were carefully selected. The brick from the French colonial period has been used to remind of the aesthetic spirit at that time. To recreate the old look in the identity, designers focus on art paper with graininess and embossed letters, then add grain to the image so that they do not look too modern.

vlu student decor restaurant Germany b

vlu student decor restaurant Germany c

vlu student decor restaurant Germany d

vlu student decor restaurant Germany f

There was a great memory when Mr. Tin sent his plan to the owner for the first time; he immediately received the consent from the customer. Designer Lai Nguyen Tin shared: "I am also very thankful to my boss for understanding how to work and putting his full confidence on me".

Let's take a glance at the design inspired by the chrysanthemum, and look forward to many Asian projects from designer Lai Nguyen Tin.

vlu student decor restaurant Germany g

vlu student decor restaurant Germany h

vlu student decor restaurant Germany i

Lai Nguyen Tin is a graphic designer who graduated from Van Lang University. Tin currently lives and works in Saigon, and is also a visiting lecturer in the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts at Van Lang University. Tin shared: "Design is not just an easy job, but when we "can" make the products for ourselves, and feel happy as if we were on vacation." 

See more of his projects here.


Editor: Chilaxu (Source: Idesign)
Photo: Lai Nguyen Tin - Former Student of Graphic Design (18th Term)
Translated by: Pham Vu Thien An

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