The Faculty of Automotive Engineering held a field trip for students, combined with visiting Vietnamese heroic Mothers

(Van Lang, July 03, 2020) - On 16/7/2020, the Faculty of Automotive Engineering at Van Lang University held a field trip for first-year students at Vinh Phat Motors Co., Ltd., Enterprise An Lac automotive engineering (SAMCO) in Ho Chi Minh City Automotive - Mechanical Industrial Park. In the trip, the student had a chance to visit Vietnamese heroic Mother Huynh Thi Lo (Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City).

Visiting the actual production of enterprises for students right from the first year is a regular activity of the Faculty of Automotive Technology. The trips aim to connect the university's training program and the business, help students access the condition of production and learn more about Automotive Engineering Technology, especially practical illustrations for the introductory course of Automotive Engineering Technology. The students thenceforth were inspired to be passionate about actualizing career dreams.

On the morning of 16/07/2020, the Faculty of Automotive Engineering at Van Lang University held a field trip to two enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City's Automotive-Mechanical Industrial Park (Provincial Road 8, Hoa Phu Commune and Tan Thanh Dong Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City). One is Vinh Phat Motors Company Limited (VM Motors); another firm is An Lac Automobile Mechanical Enterprise Co.Ltd under Saigon Transportation Mechanical Corporation – Single-Member Limited Liability (SAMCO). The delegation, led by Assoc. Prof. Le Huu Son, included the Dean of the Faculty, seven lecturers and 35 first-year students of the 25th course.

vlu field trip for studentThe first-year student in Automotive Technology, Van Lang University, was excited to visit Vinh Phat Motors Co., Ltd. (VM Motors) - Ho Chi Minh City's Automotive - Mechanical Industrial Park on 16/07/2020.

The first enterprise to visit is Vinh Phat Motors Co., Ltd., specializing in manufacturing and assembling all kinds of trucks, from lightweight under 5 tons to heavyweight 30 tons. The trip was directly instructed and supported by Mr. Nguyen Van Huong - Deputy Head of Technical Department, Mr. Ngo Quang Hieu - Head of KCS Department (product quality inspection), Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Huy - Manager of the assembly workshop and Mr. Dao Duy Cuong - Foreman of the welding workshop...

vlu field trip for student2Mr. Nguyen Van Huong - Deputy Head of Technical Department gives overall guidance on the operations before visiting the car fitting shop.

Came to the car fitting shop, the students were divided into two groups. The students were enthusiastically guided by the Head / Deputy Head of the Department, Workshop Foreman, in assembling trucks, details of cars, especially new models of 30-ton payload Ginga. At the same time, the students also got detailed answers for their inquiry.

vlu field trip for student3Students examine the details of the trucks.

vlu field trip for student4Students observe the actual car assembly work.

The delegation visited An Lac Automobile Mechanical Enterprise Co.Ltd afterward, located in Ho Chi Minh City's Automotive - Mechanical Industrial Park.

vlu field trip for student6Students of Van Lang University visited SAMCO ANLAC - Ho Chi Minh City Automotive - Mechanical Industrial Park, 16/07/2020.

SAMCO ANLAC specializes in manufacturing and assembling cars and buses. Students visited under the guidance of Mr. Le Huu Hung - Head of the Technical Training Department and the support of Mr. Nguyen Huu Toan - auxiliary specialist responsible for recruiting, training for students. 

vlu field trip for student7Mr. Le Huu Hung guides students to visit.

Mr. Le Huu Hung enthusiastically guides the students on assembling the base of cars (the essential parts of a vehicle) and the assembly process of the whole cars, particularly cars and buses; introduced the details of cars and buses and answered questions.

vlu field trip for student8Students observe the assembly process of cars and buses.

vlu field trip for student9The students examined the car and bus engines.

The field trips have strengthened the introductory knowledge for Automotive Engineering students, helping them to visualize accurately and intuitively about the work and career selection.

On the afternoon of 16/07/2020, the delegation visited and gifted to heroic Vietnamese mother Huynh Thi Lo in Tan An Hoi, Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City. Mother Lo, 83 years old, is living with her daughter Phan Thi Thoa. Mother Lo's husband passed away in 1969. After that, her only son, Phan Thanh Hung, passed away on Reunification Day on April 30, 1975. Dedicating to the nation, the homeland, and the most loved ones, Mother Lo suppressed the pain of losing her husband and losing her child for the great happiness of independence. 

vlu field trip for student10The delegation visited Vietnamese Heroic Mother Huynh Thi Lo, on 16/07/2020.

Associate Prof. Le Huu Son - Dean of Faculty enquired Mother Huynh Thi Lo and expressed sincere gratitude for the family's sacrifices and contributions. At once, he wished Mother Lo abundant health and longevity and gifted her VND 10 million, extracted from the Faculty's pedagogical collective input.

vlu field trip for student11Associate Prof. Le Huu Son enquired and gifted to Mother Huynh Thi Lo.

The students of the 25th term in the Faculty are about the same age as Mother Lo's grandson. They also expressed sincere gratitude for her sacrifice, leading to the freedom, peace, and education they received today.

At the end of the trip, the students shared that they received beneficial lessons from the field trip, observing the industry's practical work, especially the whole assembly process. Besides, they also figured out the employment needs, for either part-time or full-time and the salary. The students are excited and waiting for the other trips and internships during the remaining three years in the Faculty of Automotive Engineering at Van Lang University.

Source: Faculty of Automotive Engineering
Translated by: Pham Nguyen Thien An

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