The Fashion Design major organizes an Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibition

(Van Lang, June 27, 2020) - In the morning of June 25, 2020, the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, Van Lang University opened the exhibition "Innovation in Fashion and Art". The works on display in the exhibition are projects made by students of Fashion Design.

vlu Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibitionMore than 100 canvas paintings of students (23th Term) and accessories with the theme "Disease and Protection" of Fashion Design third-year students will be displayed until the end of the June, 28th, 2020 at exhibition halls (LV building, Campus 3, Van Lang University)

The exhibition showcases the works of the accessories design project and the basic decoration project with the desire to convey the spirit of innovation, catch up with the development trend of the fashion and social fields. These are the projects that the students completed after studying online due to the epidemic. With the characteristics of practical subjects, requiring high interaction between lecturers and students, it can be said that online teaching and learning is unbelievable effort of the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts.

The project of the students of 23th term with the topic "Disease and Protection” was inspired by the painful problems, common human and social concerns such as: Covid epidemic, environmental pollution, climate change, abortion, Agent Orange consequences...

vlu Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibition2Nguyen Vu Thuan's fashion accessory project was inspired by the sudden change caused by the war's emissions

With a shared concern about the environment, the works in the freshman's industry base decor (25th term) are made from excess fashion accessories and rags. The beautiful canvas paintings, diverse themes and styles show the creativity and thinking of colors and good shapes of the students.

vlu Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibition3

vlu Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibition4

The exhibition is not only a place to show students' learning achievements but also a meaningful activity in raising public awareness about the environment and human life.

vlu Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibition9M.A Nguyen Dac Thai - Deputy Head of the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts - Van Lang University said: "This is a very positive signal, inspiring many creative ideas and planning for the next activities for the following years

PhD. Ma Thanh Cao - lecturer of the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, former director of the Ho Chi Minh City Museum, evaluated commented that the theme of Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibition activities is well-matched with the trend of living in harmony with nature, environmental protection and social sustainable development. It is the innovation and creativity in the profession and the topic that will receive the support of all faculty members and help Van Lang's students of Fashion Design go further in their careers.

vlu Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibition5

In the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts also awarded the Art Vaccine Design Competition (taking place from April 30 to May 23, 2020) with the message "Spread art not virus". This is an online activity organized by the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts to bring a positive energy source, raise awareness of each student in the prevention of Covid-19 and give support to the soldiers, doctors and nurses who are fighting the epidemic.

vlu Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibition6M.A Vo Van Tuan - Vice Rector of Van Lang University - awarded students (from left): Le Duc Hieu - first prize, Vu Duc Luat - second prize, Le Chau Kim Ngan - third prize.

Le Duc Hieu’s first prize work (first-year student in Fashion Design) shows the image of the Covid-19 pandemic and a mask through an artistic perspective of combining fashion and photography.

vlu Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibition7Le Duc Tien shared the message of the work: “During the anti-COVID-19 campaign, the people are silently fighting, the image of the dark circles eyes and the blemishes caused by wearing a mask 24/7 has been spread heart of people. That is what motivates me to make this face painting to honor and support the spirit of the sacrifices of the soldiers fighting the epidemic."

vlu Innovation in Fashion and Art exhibition8MA. Phan Quan Dung - Head of the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien - Deputy Head of Training Department awarded certificates to students participating in the contest.

The Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University has continuously made new, quick and flexible steps to adapt to the changes of life and to harmonize with the development trend of society. This innovation and creativity is a stepping stone for students to perfect their professional capabilities and skills for better progress and development.

Written by: Minh Phương
Photo by: Lee Minh Phuong
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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