The graduation project of Van Lang Fashion design students: endless inspiration from culture and life

(Van Lang, July 27, 2020) - On 20 July 2020, the 22nd class student of Fashion Design at Van Lang University completed graduation project defense at the exhibition hall, Campus 3. The projects all achieved remarkable results; the Council highly appreciates many designs for ideas and presentation techniques.

The Examination Council includes:

  • Dr. Ma Thanh Cao (Chairman)
  • Designer Le Thanh Hoa (Member)
  • Visual Artist Dzung Yoko (Member)
  • Designer Dao Le Dieu Anh (Member)
  • Designer Tran Cao Anh Tuan (Member)
  • MSc. Hoang Thi Ai Nhan (Secretary)

This year, eleven graduation projects of the Fashion Design Major are equivalent. There are no notable differences among the students. They have invested in and researched the topic thoughtfully and thoroughly, revolving around three main exploitation directions: culture, natural images, and concerning social issues.

Nature image through fashionable language

Inspired by the image of a beehive, which is quite familiar in many designs, student Nguyen Thuy Phuong has an innovative and creative approach. The Minihive collection aims at girls loving minimalism, courtesy, and sophistication. From the primary shirt forms, neutral tones - e.g., brown - beige, Thuy Phuong has transformed the style and processed the material by smocking technique, utilizing mesh fabric to create a honeycomb shape. The profound research into the core analysis of the image helped Thuy Phuong find her way, creating a distinctive, unique, and attractive highlight for her collection. 

vlu graduation project VL Fashion Design studentsThe Minihive collection by Nguyen Thuy Phuong is highly applicable, owns significant research and technique investment. The Council judged the collection would be more fulfilled if Phuong selected synchronous, metallic accessories with a pale yellow hue for the outfit.

J.E collection of student Tran Nu Kieu Trinh takes pictures of Vietnamese rivers and seas under the satellite and photos taken from the Zoom Earth application. Using jeans with a variety of shades of green from dark to light, Kieu Trinh applies the method of fabric covering to create arrays, wash, and laser cut for decorative details.

vlu graduation project VL Fashion Design students3On the costume, the decorative motifs are stylized from river forms when poured into the sea.

Although the designs still have limits because of the rigid model and have not fully exploited the characteristic highlights, the Council appreciates the project's creative ideas. Through the language of fashion, Kieu Trinh wishes to convey the message of protecting the beauty of nature that is gradually disappearing due to environmental pollution and climate change.

Humanity and social problems: challenges to students

Exploiting good ideas and techniques, clear purpose, harmonious combination of the outfit's applicability and personality, and aesthetic taste are the comments of the Council for Nyctalopia's collection student Bui Nguyen Xuan Thanh. From her own experiences of retinal pigment degeneration or popularly known as night blindness, Xuan Thanh transformed the four essential manifestations of the disease (narrowing the vision, light layer, lack of color vision, bright border) into inspiration. The collection is a bold and dynamic fashion techwear style. The urban image at night, people, traffic vehicle lights, and billboards through a night-blind patient's prism was applied to the costume.

vlu graduation project VL Fashion Design students9Xuan Thanh shares: "What I aim for is not for everyone to understand the disease. I just hope to convey optimism. When facing any problem, the first thing to do is to face it, not avoid it. For example, what makes it difficult for me to pursue the Fashion Design industry is that I cannot see the correct colors, so when I choose to buy fabrics, I need sunlight to check the colors. I'm not convinced that dumbfounded becomes an excuse for the discomfort of life and rejecting the opportunity."

Student Vo Duc Thinh selects natural disasters - a tough concept for graduation project implementation. The collection Australia - the flow of time is inspired by the forest fire in 2019 - 2020. The devastation of the fire burned entirely, but the strong vitality of nature finally won. The green sprouts sprouted slowly from the ashes. The collection represents four phases of catastrophe: before the fire, fire, ruins, and revival.

vlu graduation project VL Fashion Design students7Australia - the flow of time in the 80s fashion style with typical details: broad shoulders, smooth form, and accurate cuts. The highlight of the collection is the technique of printing, embroidery, lace-up, glass stamping, etc.

The project is evaluated quite majestic with elaborate and complicated details. However, the method of handling materials and designs still follows the old path. Dr. Ma Thanh Cao encourages and upholds Duc Thinh's dare to think and act spirit when choosing a dangerous topic for students.

Culture - endless sources of inspiration

Student Le Thi Xuan's project received abundant attention and debate from the Council. Inspired by the novel Giong To (author Vu Trong Phung) and Vietnamese fashion during the French colonial period, the collection "Ấy ai một chút, đèo bồng xuýt xoa" explores the life and inner feeling transformation, the corruption of the character Mich. Aesthetics, design mindset, and excellent color-matching techniques help the project reach a well-tuned, elegant beauty. The board highly appreciates the method of developing a vignette system. Unfortunately, the project still lacks a climactic highlight.

vlu graduation project VL Fashion Design students2The collection shows a combination of opposing elements: traditional style and Western Europe, deep colors (brown, beige, black) - bright colors (red, blue, white), raw materials assemble - glossy.

The collection "Mrs. Hoa model" by student Ngo Gia Han impressed the Council with its creativity and novelty. Grandmother's fashion sense is the inspiration for Gia Han to make a retro 80s collection. Gia Han confided: "Honestly, my own fashion style differs profoundly from my grandma's, yet her fashion sense inspires me to do this project. She sews her clothes and wears them every day. It left a deep impression on me. I intend to develop outfits to feel her always stay with me".

vlu graduation project VL Fashion Design students8The color scheme and combination of knitted wool material is sweet, harmonious and natural

Graduation projects are carefully analyzed, evaluated, and commented by the Council so that students can learn from their experiences and have a development direction for future designs.

vlu graduation project VL Fashion Design students40The collection "Pomegranate" by student Ngo Thu Huong conveys the beauty of a woman through the image of pomegranate.

vlu graduation project VL Fashion Design students50Student Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao's "The One" collection was inspired by the movie The Matrix.

vlu graduation project VL Fashion Design studentsaStudent Vo Thi Diem Mi's collection "Moravian in Agnes's" was inspired by a chapel in a small village of Louka in Moravia, Czech Republic.

vlu graduation project VL Fashion Design students600Student Tran Tu Tran's collection "Girl among the flowers" was inspired by the painting "The knight of the flower" by artist Georges Antonie Rochegrosse.

Dr. Ma Thanh Cao - Chairman of the Council - reminded the Fashion Design students of 22nd course: "The opinions of the Council are the orientation for the design mindset and innovation. We always encourage the students to be creative and at once avoid to be haughty when stepping on the path of art. These suggestions help them become better and more perfect and train their morality as the slogan of Van Lang University: "Morality - Will - Creation".

Since the 20th course, the Faculty of Fashion Design at Van Lang University has implemented the Graduation Project show as a traditional event to display the achievements proudly. The Graduation Fashion Show for 22nd course was held on the evening of 24 July 2020. This year, the show for the first time took place in the lobby of LV Block, Campus 3, with the professional sound and lighting system. Congratulations on the successful show! Wish the 22nd course of Fashion Design graduates and shine on even more stature catwalks!


Written by: Minh Phuong
Photo by: Lee Minh Phuong
Translated by: Pham Vu Thien An

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