Van Lang University's lecturers "build a dream house on love" for families in plights

(Van Lang, June 11, 2020) – On 24/05/2020, the lectures of the Faculty of Basic Science have gone on a charity trip to assist the families in plights in Hoa Thanh town, Tay Ninh province. Van Lang University's website has shared the thoughts of Ms. Le Thu Hang (M.S.) – Associate Dean of the Faculty of Basic Sciences about this meaningful activity.

At 06:00, I and other lecturers presented at Van Lang University Campus 3 to depart to Tay Ninh Province. To keep time, we prepared all the gifts for the families in plights the day before. Although they were not highly valuable gifts, they represented the care from all the faculty members to help relieve even just a small burden in their daily lives. vlu build dream house love tayninh aLecturers of the Faculty of Basic Science departs for their charity trip on 24/05/2020.

At 09:00, we arrived in Hoa Thanh town. The representatives of the People's Committee of Hoa Thanh Town were there to welcome us. After some small talks, the committee's staff led us to where the families in plights resided to hear about them and offer them with prepared gifts. The family members were moved and showed us their gratitude.

vlu build dream house love tayninh bAfter a two-hour trip, the lecturers arrived in Hoa Thanh town, Tay Ninh Province

Of all the households we have visited, Ms. Anh from San Cu block's family gave us indescribable emotions. The old couple had two children. The older one is married and lives away from home; thus, he could barely visit his parents. The second son named Binh lives with the couple and is the primary source of income for the whole family. He caught a cold on his way back from work and then was hit by a stroke. That merciless rain has taken away his capability and youth along with ambitions ahead. Here he sits in a wheelchair, staring at the uncertainty as if he is regretting the tentative plans.

vlu build dream house love tayninh cThe lecturers offer gifts to the households in Long Thanh Nam commune, Long Thanh Trung.

vlu build dream house love tayninh eThe lecturers offer gifts to Ms. Anh's family at Long Thanh Bac – one of the families in the worst plights in Tay Ninh Province

Despite returning to Saigon in gloomy dusk, our hearts filled with burning eager to come up with something, join hand to "build a dream house on love," and assemble "a Van Lang's loving house." Thanks to that, Ms. Anh's family and those in plights could have a place to call home, a hope to cling to, and a strong belief that life is still full of sharing and loving heart.

We want to express our great appreciation to Van Lang University for granting us the opportunity to set foot to Tay Ninh province, where the sun was burning hot, but the people were kind and adorable. I give thanks to all the lecturers of the Faculty of Basic Sciences for their contributions. Thanks to them, we could offer meaningful gifts to the families in plights. I wish that there could be more individuals and organizations apart from the Faculty of Basic Science and Van Lang University to join hands to help the families in plights all around Vietnam.

M.S. Lê Thu Hằng – Vice Dean of the Faculty of Basic Science
Translated by Pham Vu Thien An

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