A student from Van Lang University wins the first prize in a Logo design competition held by HCMC Tour Guide Association

(Van Lang, June 21, 2020) – On 03/06/2020, the online contest “Logo Design and Slogan of Ho Chi Minh City Tour Guide Association” announced the awards. First prize belonged to Diep Phi Long – Student of Class 24, majoring in Tourism and Travel Management, Van Lang University. 

The contest "Logo Design and Slogan", launched by Ho Chi Minh City Tour Guide Association 01/2020, received 52 submissions. The contest aims to build a brand identity and prepared to 2nd Welcome Congress of Association. Through precise consideration and evaluation, the Board of Organization has selected two outstanding designs to participate in the final voting round. The design of Diep Phi Long – a student from Van Lang University got 1,400 votes and won the first prize. 

vlu wins the first prize Logo design a

Long decided to use the building of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee as a key concept because it is a symbol of a tourism destination and a symbol of government. The design implies support of the Association to Tour Guides community. Hands and aircraft surround the building, showing the connection and sublimation. Hands represent the Association’s support and companionship; aircraft represents the tour guides, growing and flying high to the new world. 

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Once the results announced, Long was on a field trip in Central Highlands. “Being attend in the final voting was a great success. The first prize is a collective victory as the teachers and peers from the Faculty have supported me” - Long said. 

Journey to conquer the dream of being the tour guide

Nguyen Phi Long is a second-year student, majoring in Tourism and Travel Management, Van Lang University. Long decided to study at Van Lang University because of the finest facilities in Campus 3, the modernity, openness, innovation, and high applicability of the curriculum. Also, Long participated in the Tourism Skills Club, founded for Tourism students. The activities helped to be more confident and created more opportunities for real-life experience. The dynamic, enthusiastic, willingness to face challenges and early working experience have helped Long come closer to his dreams. 

vlu wins the first prize Logo design eFrom 2019 to 2020, Long passed two entrance tests to join the Xuyen Viet Group. It was an opportunity to hone and apply the theory and tap into an ability to do the voice-over. “It is also where I took the first crazy tours in my life. I was just a freshman at the time. Happy cry.” Long shared.

vlu wins the first prize Logo design 2The favorite wisdom of Long is “Every day waking up, seeing our weaknesses and the other’s strengths is wonderful.”

When Xuyen Viet Group developed to Vietguide Supply Company as it is now, Long became an official member. This is a precious pride for newcomers. He is aware that the accomplishments come with increasing responsibility. More efforts, therefore, are needed to improve skills in different areas. 

The initiative in learning, continually training, and self-challenge through extracurricular activities gives long valuable practical experiences, opportunities to improve day by day. It will be a solid premise for a later career. This path is what all students in Van Lang University decided to be – “Practical experience during the study.”

Minh Phuong
Translate by: Pham Nguyen Thien An


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